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    From marc verhaegen@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 3 04:48:23 2023
    The usual just-so, unscientific, outdated afro+anthropocentric savanna fantasies ("gorilla+chimp=forest=QP <--> human=savanna=bipedal") are contradicted by e.g.
    - shell engravings, made by H.erectus, google "Joordens Munro": no seashells in any savanna,
    - stone tools, used by archaic Homo,
    - Pleistocene island colonisations (Flores >18 km oversea),
    - Homo's huge brain (DHA etc.), cf. sea-otter brain > river-otter > weasel,
    - Pleistocene intercontinental dispersal: Java, Europe, Africa,
    - pachy-osteo-sclerosis in archaic Homo is *exclusively* seen in slow+shallow-diving tetrapods,
    - etc.etc.:
    human physiology & anatomy leave 0 doubt that our ancestors regularly dived, most likely often for shellfish, probably maximally early-Pleistocene,
    google e.g. "coastal dispersal Pleistocene Homo"
    or "GondwanaTalks Verhaegen English".

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