• Can a whole science be so wrong??

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    Can a whole science be so wrong??
    -- Yes: we've seen this in geology with "plate tectonics".
    -- Now we see this in paleo-anthropology with "coastal dispersal".

    Many paleo-anthropologists are incredibly afro- & anthropo-centrically biased: -- Homo didn't come from Africa, but from S-Asia,
    -- australopiths were no human ancestors, but fossil relatives of Gorilla or Pan.

    -All Miocene Hominoidea were bipedal (today only hylobatids & humans). -Gorilla-Homo-Pan ancestors waded-climbed upright in Red Sea forests.
    -We were no BP runners, but BP waders-climbers in swamp forests.
    -Africa = rain-forest + savanna, but there was no "Out of Africa". -"Endurance-running" = afro+anthropo-centric fantasy, anatomically & physiologically impossible.

    See my book "De evolutie van de mens" Acad.Uitg. Eburon 2022 Utrecht NL, or google
    - "aquarboreal",
    - "coastal dispersal Pleistocene Homo"
    - "GondwanaTalks Verhaegen English".

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