• savanna nonsense

    From marc verhaegen@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 26 06:14:37 2023
    Traditional paleo-anthropologists short-sightedly "reason" illogically like this: "Pan & Gorilla are African, quadrupedal & forest-dwelling, but Homo is bipedal outside the forest, "hence" we became BP when we left the forest for (in Africa!) the savanna"
    Egocentric nonsense, of course (who prefers to find a gorilla ancestor rather than a human ancestor??):
    - Plio-Pleistocene "hominin" fossils in Africa (although BP - but all early apes were BP, google "aquarboreal") much more resemble Pan or Gorilla than Homo.
    - Our Pliocene ancestors were not even in Africa (e.g. we lack Pliocene African retrovirus, see Benveniste 1976, Yohn 2005) - most likely following S.Asian coasts.
    - Early-Miocene Hominoidea ("apes") were already BP (in swamp forests, google "aquarboreal"), and not only humans but also gibbons & siamangs are still BP.
    - Early Homo is found as far as Java (H.erectus) & even Flores (18 km oversea). - Etc.
    We've always been waterside, never savanna, e.g. https://www.gondwanatalks.com/l/the-waterside-hypothesis-wading-led-to-upright-walking-in-early-humans/

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