• alternative to disposing of old library contents

    From Phillip Helbig (undress to reply)@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 5 23:27:20 2018
    It seems that some university libraries are in the process of getting
    rid of journals, books, and so on, at least those which are not
    available electronically. While I can see some justification for this,
    it is sad to see such stuff go into the skip, and I hope that good homes
    can be found for most of it. Perhaps some private individuals are doing something similar.

    I would like to have a (preferably complete) set of the now sadly
    defunct Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society. If one is available in Europe, I can probably collect it within a year. (Shipping
    is probably too much trouble and too expensive.)

    Feel free to spread this request among colleagues and so on.

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