• Detectable signatures of stellar/rogue planet collisions?

    From stargene@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 28 14:59:07 2022
    [[ For the moderator: I thought I'd posted this before, but
    maybe not...so, here it is... ]]

    Our galaxy is now thought to host anywhere from billions to
    trillions of rogue planets, with masses ranging down to about
    ~ one Jovian mass. While the chances of our solar system
    interacting with one of these rogues over its life-time are very
    minuscule, it occurs to me that the odds of one even hitting
    one of our galaxy's many billions of stars may not be minuscule.

    Has there been any research on the possible effects/signatures
    of such rogue planet/stellar collisions? It seems unlikely, over
    the short span of human civilization's existence, that any such
    collisions would have occurred, and been noticed in the records.
    But what might the signature look like in principle?

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