• Missing Baryons

    From Steve Willner@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 21 12:15:18 2018
    By coincidence, I ran across a recent paper discussing the "missing
    baryon" problem:

    [[Mod. note -- I've fixed the slightly-garbled DOI URL. The article
    itself is paywalled, but the preprint is on the arXiv:
    -- jt]]

    Don't overlook that Fig 1 double-counts some small but unknown amount
    of the hot gas, as noted in the figure caption. In other words, the
    combined red and green sectors should be a little smaller than shown.

    An upcoming _Nature_ paper by the same lead author will suggest that
    most or all of the missing baryons are in the form of very hot
    intergalactic gas, detected as O VII. That is difficult but not
    quite impossible to observe with current instruments. Future X-ray observatories should give much better information.

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