• Mercury preccession

    From Lou@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 5 15:26:35 2022
    Reference tells us that the precessesion of Mercury *advances* over
    time. `The effect is small: just 42.98 arcseconds per century for
    Mercury; it therefore requires a little over twelve million orbits for a
    full excess turn'

    [Moderator's note: The precession is much larger. The figure you
    mention is the excess which GR can explain but Newtonian theory can't.

    Does this advance equate to any anomalous decrease or
    increase in orbital speed of mercury as it moves away from its perigee.
    A change not predicted by Newtonian mechanics? In other words does
    Mercury gain or lose speed excess to that expected at perigee?

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