• problems with arXiv

    From Phillip Helbig (undress to reply@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 7 15:05:44 2022
    It seems that my own preferences for public online discussion---usenet
    over blogs over Twitter---is rather the reverse of the popularity of
    those media. As such, I recently joined Twitter to publicize what I see
    as a serious problem with arXiv. To some extent, I'm blowing my own
    horn, but the problem is much bigger than my problem, and others who are affected are probably more heavily affected and moreover are afraid to
    speak out because of fear of getting banned by arXiv (which is itself a problem).

    Although I'm happy to answer questions here, I've probably said all I
    need to say in a guest post on John Baez's Azimuth blog: https://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2022/02/04/submission-to-arxiv/ so
    check that out and follow the links in that post and in the comments.
    There is also a link to Twitter. I'm new at Twitter so no expert. Try
    to find relevant posts---recent ones by myself, John Baez, Steinn
    Sigurdsson, and Toby Bartels for a start---and like and retweet
    (preferably with some substantial comment) the good ones as much as you
    can. That shouldn't be the way the world works, but it is. As for Sigurdsson's tweets, please point out their shortcomings.

    So far, it seems that everyone is defending me and no-one is defending
    arXiv. arXiv's strategy seems to be to suggest that my problem is
    something of a one-off, when in fact it is more widespread. I would be
    happy to hear from people similarly affected (and will keep it
    confidential unless you explicitly say that I can mention you). The
    most important things are to gather and present evidence that many
    others are affected, and publicize the problem as much as possible.
    There is a hope that arXiv might be forced by public pressure to admit
    their wrongdoing here.

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