• Milliquas v6.6 released, includes SDSS-DR16Q

    From Eric Flesch@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 1 10:50:09 2020
    The Million Quasars (Milliquas) catalogue v6.6 is released with data
    from publications to 30-August-2020, with the count of fully
    classified type-I quasars & AGN up to 827,694. The newly-released
    SDSS-DR16Q (Lyke+ 2020) is included via usual processing.

    Milliquas is available on http://quasars.org/milliquas.htm , with its
    ReadMe. Also this can be obtained from NASA HEASARC at https://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/W3Browse/all/milliquas.html

    Eric Flesch

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