• OJ 287 proper time atricles in sci.astro needs comments

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    Please give comments OJ 287 binary black hole system articles of
    proper time general relativity analytic solution. Weinberg S. 1972
    Gravitation and Cosmology book definitions are exactly used. Article
    is in sci.astro. Interpretations is Open Question. Best Regards,
    Hannu Poropudas

    [[Mod. note --
    1. I apologise for the delay in processing this article, which arrived
    in the sci.astro.research moderation system on Fri 2020-06-05.

    2. I believe the author is referring to his sci.astro article
    <29e88e7b-a5c6-4202-b2e5-5a9a8829b764@googlegroups.com>, and I have
    added that article to the /References:/ header so that reasonably
    smart news-reading software will make it easy to see that article
    from here.

    3. In that article, the author refers arXiv:1808.09309 and to
    "two different perihelion shift values (not rounded numbers):
    27.73298398 degrees and 27.79877741 degrees per one orbit"
    for a model of this system, and asks for comments on the difference
    between these values. It seems to me that the uncertainties in
    the model are such that we can reasonably regard those two values
    as the same, i.e., the difference between them is likely much
    smaller than the other uncertainties involved in trying to model
    this system.
    -- jt]]

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