• mnras.cls, hyperref, url: urls do not break across lines

    From Phillip Helbig (undress to reply@21:1/5 to All on Thu Apr 16 12:10:56 2020
    On an old LaTeX installation, things work fine, with one bug I can
    correct: the URL gets broken by a % (i.e. to make LaTeX ignore the line
    break) if it is a bit long, which I have to remove as it shows up in the
    URL itself.=20

    However, on a newer installation, the problem above doesn't occur, but
    some (but not all---maybe http but not https) URLs get doubled up: \url{\url{textofurl}}. Annoying, but can also be corrected by hand in
    the .bbl.

    However, on the newer installation, the URLs are not broken.

    I tried using just hyperref. A suggestion to load url with the hyphens
    options before hyperref leads to an options-clash error. So now I have


    Any ideas?

    The problem seems to be with hyperref; just url works fine (the URL is
    broken and is a real link) on the new installation as well.

    But the behavious is still the same, on both the old and new systems.
    My guess is that I am not the first to have this problem. If there are
    no quick answers, I'll try to come up with a minimal working example.

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