• Milliquas v6.3 released, now has double-lobed galaxies

    From Eric Flesch@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jun 16 15:19:34 2019
    The Million Quasars (Milliquas) catalogue v6.3 is released with data
    from publications to 15-June-2019, with the count of type-I quasars &
    AGN up to 623,004. I'm including double radio-lobed galaxies now (as
    class=G) because those lobes show an active galaxy nucleus of some
    kind, even if well-hidden. There are 3581 of those, declared by the
    algorithm which calculates them from FIRST, NVSS & SUMSS data. Most
    of those identifications are not available anywhere else, I expect.

    Milliquas is available on http://quasars.org/milliquas.htm. NASA
    HEASARC has v6.2 at present, they'll put up v6.3 later at https://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/W3Browse/all/milliquas.html

    Eric Flesch

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