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    Not long ago, we had some discussion here of reionization. I've just
    seen a terrific colloquium by Steve Finkelstein on the subject. It's
    available at
    Some of the acronyms go by pretty fast, but I think most interested
    readers can follow the basic points. Steve presents his own
    preferred model, which may or may not be right, but he also
    summarizes what is known for sure from observations.

    Steve's preferred model is interesting. Most of the ionizing photons
    come from large numbers of very low luminosity galaxies (absolute
    magnitudes -12 to -13). Those galaxies are not directly observable,
    but because they are low mass, they form early, and the start of
    reionization is correspondingly early (around z=12 with 50% of the
    volume ionized by z=9). If that's correct, it ought to be detectable
    with a variety of upcoming observations, some of which he discusses.

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