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    "I caculate from period data,
    400x increase in energy for
    winched craft from
    translunar to near Earth orbit,
    but wonder where the
    winching energy might come from.
    It seems kind of pointless.
    Why accelerate craft to translunar orbit
    only to winch them back where they were?
    My idea was to fling four of them out
    at the next quine, the next
    four-way equiangular transit.
    I forget when that is; I used to know.
    It's some years from now.
    Still, if the craft were flown to translunar
    empty, then filled with water from lunar ice...
    this would be like
    Thor's Hammer!
    What resource for colonizing planets
    is more precious than water?
    What method simpler than this?"

    Doug Goncz
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