• Solar Flare Imaging for Amateurs

    From eaglesondouglas@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 24 00:32:07 2018
    Thanks for the reference to the Coronado telescope..

    My first steps are to get images. I will begin with
    white light and design/buy a remote mounting system. I want
    to put a color monitor by my TV set and take video or still images.

    The Coronado telescope referenced is obviously the best way
    to start imaging a prominence.

    I will never be looking thru an eyepiece so cooking the
    camera is my only variable.

    Scientifically there is little I can add using my images.
    Testing sunlight for the existence of correlated light
    is possible with a simple interference optics table. But
    that is a job for a real scientist. Designing the sensor
    to image, in 2D, correlated light is something I can help with
    if anybody needs my help to do this. I am a mechanical kind of guy.

    I am an artist, btw. I consider a color filtration of
    sunlight to be a real artistic creation. I would design
    a scheme of filtration using a set of N filters.

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