• Navigate the galaxy with Gaia Sky

    From JEMM@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 27 13:37:33 2016
    Gaia Sky is what the developer calls a "real-time, 3D, astronomy
    visualization" package, which normally means you get to fly around like
    you're in Star Trek, but with real-world deep-space images to make it
    more "educational". The project is based around the European Space
    Agency's Gaia mission to chart around one billion stars of our galaxy.
    Gaia Sky is open-source and Java-based, with downloads available for
    Windows, Linux and Mac. We grabbed the Windows build and it installed
    without issue. On launch the program displays its graphics settings. We
    could choose to run Gaia Sky full-screen, in a fixed-size or...
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