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    time and space around mass make a circuit that resonates
    standing waves of time and space have certain frequencies
    time and space around the earth is a circuit that resonates -
    same is true for - the sun - a star a lot like a black hole - a
    galaxy - the universe - all universes working together
    star a lot like a black hole standing waves help to make jets
    there are not any black holes but if there was a black hole
    standing waves around it would help particles and energy to get
    out of it
    use standing waves around mass to find - spring constants of time
    and space - shape of time and space - temperature of time and
    standing waves of time space around earth make it look like space
    is spinning around earth
    standing waves of time and space between galaxies may make
    particles like electrons and photons have a decrease of energy

    Kurt Stocklmeir
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