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    Hi There!
    Sorry about my bad english. I'm a 19 year old student at the European School in Munich (that explains my bad english...) and my hobby is to make a "show" for the visitors in our small local observatory. A main part of this show is the planetarium, especially if the conditions (weather) are bad.
    The planetarium itself (Zeiss ZKP1) is very small (about 30 seats) and has only a few "special-effects" (A (very loud) slide projector, projectors
    for solar and lunar eclipses and a primitive Falling-Star projector).
    The observation site is the roof of the building (platform), which
    contains 2 major telescopes (7 inch refractor / 12 inch Cassegrain) and several minor telescopes. The location is very good for the visitors but very bad for observation - in the middle of the metropole!
    There are several rooms, which are enabling us to show films, do lectures etc...
    I have got several questions to this mail area:

    1. What is the purpose of this area?
    2. For which people is this area?

    Thanx for answering!


    Dear Andi,

    My name is fionn ferreira (19 years old) and I am the head of schull Planetarium in Ireland. We have a zkp-1 carl Zeiss Jena projector. Sadly the manual to the projector has been lost and we cannot use it without the manual. I found you because you seem
    to have the projector we too have. I would be forever grateful if you could send me a copy of the manual of your projector. I would love to compensate you for the time you need to copy the manual.

    You are our last hope to have a functional projector. I would love it if you could help me.

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