• Minature constellation projectors?

    From fionnferreira@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Glen K Moore on Wed Sep 13 14:11:38 2017
    On Sunday, 10 October 1993 19:16:37 UTC+1, Glen K Moore wrote:
    I run a Zeiss ZKP1 planetarium and would like to mount constellation
    projectors directly on the star projector. There are several fittings
    on the ZKP1 for removeable planet projectors etc and this would seem a
    good position. However this would require a very small constellation projector. e.g. 8" long but only say 1- 1.5" wide. Since the constellation
    figures don't need to be very bright this would seem possible.

    Does anyone know of such a projector available commercially?


    Dear Glen,

    My name is fionn ferreira and I am the head of schull Planetarium in Ireland. We have a zkp-1 carl Zeiss Jena projector. Sadly the manual to the projector has been lost and we cannot use it without the manual. I found you because you seem to have the
    projector we too have. I would be forever grateful if you could send me a copy of the manual of your projector. I would love to compensate you for the time you need to copy the manual.

    You are our last hope to have a functional projector. I would love it if you could help me.

    Reagards Fionn

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