• Problem with Jena ZKP-1

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    I looked in the data base I keep for IPS, and found two ZKP2's and
    four ZKP3's. No 1's. [..]

    The ZKP-1's are rather old. Most of Planetariums will have replaced them
    by others. (ZKP-2 wasn't expensive!). Today, you'll find ZKP-1 i.e. in school-planetariums.
    The ZKP-1 cannot display neither the southern sky nor the movement of planets.
    It was probably a good reason to replace it by a ZKP-2, I think.
    The ZKP-1-projector has no typical technical problems. It's constructed as simple you can repair it yourself. Service and spare parts are still available by Zeiss Jena.

    --Keith Johnson
    IPS Treasurer

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    My name is fionn ferreira and I am the head of schull Planetarium in Ireland. We have a zkp-1 carl Zeiss Jena projector. Sadly the manual to the projector has been lost and we cannot use it without the manual. I found you because you seem to have the
    projector we too have. I would be forever grateful if you could send me a copy of the manual of your projector. I would love to compensate you for the time you need to copy the manual.

    You are our last hope to have a functional projector. I would love it if you could help me.

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