• LIGO's Gravitational Wave Hoax: Too Many Achilles Heels

    From AndreK@21:1/5 to Pentcho Valev on Thu Feb 11 09:27:23 2021
    On 23.10.2020 03:17, Pentcho Valev wrote:
    "On 8:41 am EDT August 17, 2017, LIGO detected a new gravitational wave source, dubbed GW170817 to mark its discovery date. Just two seconds later NASA's Fermi satellite detected a weak pulse of gamma rays from the same location of the sky." https://

    "Just two seconds later" and "the same location of the sky" implies that gravitational waves and gamma rays traveled hand in hand: same gravitationally deflected path, same speed, same Shapiro delay, same blockage by cosmic matter.

    The last implication is particularly idiotic. If at some point in space gamma rays are absorbed and don't continue their journey, the accompanying gravitational waves don't continue their journey either.

    LIGO fakers still feel safe but soon they will have to go to jail. The fraud is too obvious to be eternally ignored.

    See more here: https://twitter.com/pentcho_valev

    Pentcho Valev

    I try to explain the context to you, because it seems idiotic for you as
    you have not understood the message.

    Usually gravitation waves are far too weak to be detected. But strong gravitation waves are created at cosmic events when large masses are collapsing, crashing against each other or fast rotating. These events
    have been observed before as Gamma or X-ray bursts. Because a tremendous
    energy is released at such events apart from the gravitation waves. The gravitation waves are not linked to or caused by the X-ray. They were
    created during an event and travel independently with speed of light. I
    hope you got the point.

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