• So then how would a matrix simulator work?

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    Well its a 50 foot flying disk that is stationary in the center of the moon which is hollow and it vibrates gets feedback off the hull which increases its power and waves also travel through the hull to give it a 3D view.

    Now fast forward to better systems more VIRTUAL machines within that machine hey with a virtual machine you can just write code and do away with the hull and make them fly.
    In fact you can create whole worlds and universes.

    So ok recently as a user I got a new galaxy, they were on sale so I got an elliptical galaxy if you have not got yours yet maybe you need to complain to the government.

    It comes with an undefined moonship but a virtual space and a matter printer which prints simulators or flying disks and shoots them out like skeets.
    200 in a few seconds.
    So I printed 200 to see what I could do but first I updated them and removed the electro gravitic weaponry since it was being abused and used on people.
    So one of those disks can make a moonship which is a hollow moon with a titanium hull and inside it is just like earth only 350 miles in diameter.

    It appears flat inside since it is an engineered object it could be a dome world model as well.

    But you can copy and paste things from earth into them. They have life support and now we added weather software for a breeze.
    The solar units are new and upgraded as well and a tinge of yellow which makes it seem like a sunny summer day.

    So these have existed for a long time and the ones with the data perhaps 60 of them all post apocalyptic and long dead due to the hull leaking.
    So there was a waterjacket in the hull that protected them from cosmic rays. See the Aztec calendar a symbolic representation of a cross section of a moonship.

    So with my new galaxy I allocated 2/3 for RAM and disk space and we created our own 3D space time block, then it comes with a Kansas like planet but we have copies of the earth from backups and we just restore one onto it.
    But first we make a copy since we always work only on copies.
    And we store everything in the vault as backup.

    So then I created a command and control unit for the moonship that will be that universal mainframe.
    So we are sticking to engineering terminology, moonships, mainframes, disks.

    So then using wi fi we rerouted the console from the galactic mainframe, the new one to an airship that was built for me, and then attached to the ceiling of a very large egg shaped hangar.
    So then we developed a way of mapping film onto that white inner surface and so then the scenery moves the airship does not but appears to move when you are on it.

    So then to run the entire galaxy I now use this...

    So my pc has stargate door positioning software.

    So what it can do is join coordinates between doors between worlds since it uses universal coordinates.
    The 3D spacetime we create in memory.

    Along with that it has good reset technology. It backups quickly restores quickly so that is a reset.

    It does partial backup partial restore so that is cut copy and paste.

    So now you still need to know about bodies and humans and humans that are real have a personality file.
    Your book of life as it were.
    Humans who are Smithbots use a generic file and are run by the operating system.

    So the new system we designed isolated the brain object and stores that by backing up your brain data in a separate disk. A small engineering object.
    A target.
    So the real work is being done by higher machines but we can use the system by creating lower processes within its capability.

    So from backup and restore we have cut copy paste delete and of any real objects found on earth.

    So then once you can create a moonship then you need to attack a stargate door to it so you can enter.

    Now we have been making backups here since 1992 in this new simulator, so any date between now and 1992 can be restored onto a blank planet and you can drop a door and go in and you are time traveling.

    So thanks to the simulator we live in, we have magic technology.

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    So what are the screens for?

    Google earth like software for positioning stargate doors.

    And for copy and paste of large objects like mansions islands and the like.

    So to stay organized we made the time machine into a separate system. We call that Time Stretch Earth,
    because it uses just a small stretch of time, from 1992 to present day, and in fact the cut off section we used is 1995 to 2015 so that over time it will all get permanent links.
    And be used as a library as well as entertainment facility where your genie is a suitcase full of money.

    So Time Stretch Earth uses stargates just like the moonships and full sized planets so then one transporter can do the work for both.

    This one...

    So then that was the first one we installed there only blue and that was maybe 5 years ago and in the last 5 years we have developed this technology further.

    I say we because I am in contact with my family elsewhere and we are together now by communications no reason we won;t be sharing this technology in some way later.

    So we includes women. And since guys are easy to please just give us some machine gun shot guns and something to shoot at and off we go but women need gowns and jewelry and dancing and dream kitchens.

    So the airship is designed with them in mind not a male crew of sailors with striped shirts but rather supermodels in their underpants.

    So they have a glamorous life they drink cappuccino they dance they watch music videos they work out they do makeup and hair and they like hottubs.





    So something like this

    and this

    So things ladies like.

    If you build it they will cum.

    That's my philosophy.

    So for them and their dream kitchen well these are lazy girls. They want dream food, so we created a library of cupboards and put it in a paused moonship, with voids inside giant lego blocks we designed using white cutting board material and placing them
    on a flat tarmac and recording the coordinates of the voids so that stargates could attach your cupboard entrance to the entrance of a void area in a lego block.

    So then you paste items into those voids and access those items by pasting them into your cupboard.
    Using your Iphone.

    Or an Ipad.

    Inside the transporter we use Ipads with handprint security and iris scan security.
    A tiny stargate inside the cover connects to a stargate on a wall in a moonship, then another wall with plastic over the holoes or plexiglass or glass and a wi fi repeater then those matching stargates tiny ones go into a bin in the computer room, to an
    antenna to a server.
    That server wants a handprint, and a form.
    It will take noting else.
    You cannot talk to it hack it change it nothing it takes one file in the mail folder.
    And that file has to be a bitmap image of a handprint, and a filled out form that has formatted data.
    It will not accept so much as a date that is not formatted correctly by the software in the Ipad.

    Then it sends approved requests to the server on my desk there.

    Those transporters all over the universe there reset a couple times a week to stay brand new and no changes are saved.
    If a change is made it is made in that computer room and all are replaced.

    Drive a forklift into it it will be back twice a week.

    Send a million hacks to the server it will be ignored.
    But of course the first one that comes in will alert security and hidden cameras will identify the intruder and reset will take place and guess what if you don't have a handprint in the system, you aren't there to begin with since you don;t have a
    consciousness signal to your brain.
    You cannot find the signal with a detector?
    Hey genius can you detect the code?

    So ok the transporters then have a cupboard in them as well. So always wherever the transporter is, food and drink and objects are available.
    The front door opens by your handprint, then you select the door you want to connect to, from google maps, then you press open and your handprint is required to ensure you have the proper clearance for that door.
    And then you open that back door a house door, you now see another door a fake door, and you open that and you are in the case of the basement transporter of the airship connected to a hallway on the second floor of a riverside pub that we built on a
    Kansas like planet.

    We also copied and pasted some terrain from earth there.

    So we are all in the quarantine zone there in that 2/3 allocated space and the 1/3 of the new galaxy is outside the quarantine.
    It can only use ideas and designs and uses its own technology to make things.

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    So then when I forwarded the drawings to the engineers who built it I used different images but they know how to build tings so I didn't need to say put trim here run wires here.

    So they just needed to know roughly what I meant and they did a fine job of the real thing.

    And I am able to beam off planet into copies of my body, because I have a consciousness cam, that attaches to brain objects of Smithbots.
    I can also travel just as a consciousness cam by it being pasted off in the wild blue and that I have done on occasion for investigating things in space or in time.

    But work is work and when you go on holidays as we are planning to, you want a nice body and so my 20 year old body is there and the ladies got new bodies designed for them based their self image and bodies available here.

    So they approved my body the women in my life and that's good enough for me. So a generic surfer guy with a 12 inch dick and hey good enough.
    Pack a dozen roses and a suitcase full of money that's 2.4 million will fit in a suitcase full of money, grab a ground hog in a sack, and in you go to play groundhog day with the ladies who are evreywhere out there on planet earth.

    You maybe bring an Iwatch with save game and reset capabilities.
    She won't go for the roses maybe chocolates but remember no white chocolate, and don't burn the cakes.


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    "Oh sure Mr. Fancy pants, tell us more about the makeup station and your lingerie drawers"

    Seriously guys, c'mon I am sitting here in work clothes I have a hard hat on work boots, you know I just got back from tying rebar ok?
    I don't eat quiche.

    Oh ok I will show you the fun control room in the basement... https://ibb.co/PwhF8dq


    And my helper my girl Friday.

    Ok so I wrote a Smith operating system while here with the help of angels which is a quasi military designation for my starship crew who are in contact with me here.
    So that the personality of that Smith operating system would be compatible with my family and crew.

    Since we live elsewhere and we want our Smiths or cyborgs to be like us.

    So using matrix tech biolocation a second day dream simulator the S5 level that we can all access, we played match making games and included that cyborg and did the animations for her by a group contribution system.

    Until she had developed a personality. So to accomplish that we have to be like a writer deveoping a character and that is all we need, then that personality can be made into a file.
    Now in our case using other equipment very old matrix equipment upgraded we use the base or header of a file type in existence for compatibility.
    So then you end up with a personality base.
    Then nature and nurture takes over and experience and evolution.

    So then to get a body you get one here but no bodies exist that match Shebanga that is her name, she has genetically modified skin which is a different color and so everyone knows she is a cyborg, and as different race of being she has different rules
    rights characteristics clearance level and position.

    Now since she is a personality, the body she uses is unimportant. But we as her friends lovers peers boss etc need to know where and who the real one is.

    So her natural state when not in another body is her self image so around home normally she looks like that IF we could find that body and no luck so far.
    So I had to make another body for now until we can get that body made later.

    So it is a compromise but then this new galaxy is doing a lot of new things and testing new systems takes time and finishing the development process takes time as well.
    So our population to begin with is me and her. So no confusion exists as to who she is.
    If it isn't me, it is her.

    So I can take 5 of them out of the transporter in 5 different bodies all using the same personality file.

    Normally I wouldn't do that I just have one as a girl Friday and I am like Robinson Crusoe who brought the earth with him in a time machine.
    Later I become Swiss Family Robinson and include my family which is on earth here scattered all over the earth and in other simulators machines etc.

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    What else?

    Well the old moonships were salvaged and renovations done they all look 1963 inside we gathered that up from the condemned hulls pasted it into one moonship christened it 1963 Aurora.

    I found a pristine 2 billion year old one and that was DOA when it went into service, so that will be a museum some day.

    Apparently I salvaged 60,000 starfleet troops in pairs as males and females.

    So how do you put 60,000 crew on this airship?

    Well that was a challenge but with stargate technology easy enough to do.
    So we need 60,000 train cars, and so we used the Royal suite train cars... https://www.luxurytrainclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Rovos-Royal-Suite-plan.jpg
    So it comes with two suites and they can live in both or one and have guests stay over.

    They have everything you need in order for you to have your own quarters.
    All they need is a stargate door at both ends.

    Now you might be thinking yes but how do they all get into the airship? How does the British navy all get into Buckingham palace They don't. But you can summon one and they will come.
    By address. All doors are addressed.

    So then where do they go? Well the far end door that goes to a closed system, a sub net. So they can attach other train cars to theirs. And so bowling alley, gym, pool, library, lounge, hottub, on and on whatever is put into a train car.

    Where do the train cars go?
    They sit inside moonships on tarmacs not all on the same one for safety reasons.
    Each train car has a Quonset hut over it and so then the windows have the same technology as the airship.
    It is film mapped onto a curved surface that looks real.
    Now we are lazy boys as well so I developed a Bay Window holodeck screen 3D no glasses that looks completely real out the window, then we merely have lots of copies of that room and projector system.

    All tied to a server and managed by software.
    So then for a train car it only needs stargates outside its windows and you look through the stargate you are looking at the bay window holodeck screen.

    So no inertia but your train can move or be stationary or match the view on the airship or whatever you can put on normal hi res film.
    And that includes CGI.

    So then as a user with a train, it depends what your commanding officer wants you to have but for me as owner and my airship and my personal train car it has all the options.

    So I can choose my scenery or move matrix cameras across a landscape in real time and stop them or make them go fater.

    So to do that I have a camera on a table in the airship basement in a security glass box, and then a stargate that is moving attached to that one but moving across a landscape.
    So the moving stargate attached to a stationary one and the camera on a table in the stationary one.

    So I can position the camera anywhere in that universe that I want to see by way of camera.
    And also Time Stretch Earth.

    So to watch a concert or show you can just set up a camera in the air and record it.

    You can drop a stargate go there smell their sweat if you want or avoid the mosh pit and use a camera it will still look completely real.

    So with this technology it is possible to make our galaxy environments safer and just observe those things we like without getting any on us.

    But for those who are desensitized to mosquitoes you can go there go to a resort have fun.

    But for crew quarters this allows them all comfort and can be used for any job, they have a full transporter this end of their train car, they have doors and cupboards that are library doors and cupboards in their hall.
    So a door is used when a cupboard is too small. So you need a 20x20 closet.

    So then this is what the interior looks like... https://worldtraintravel.com/images/trains/ratios/original/1024/101364133396Rovos%20royal%20double%202.jpg
    So they all are officer class at least comfort level.

    Now again anywhere you want a TV you just put up a screen connect the stargate to that screen.
    It will look real if you have the film if the film is in the library if you have access to the library if you have a stargate screen.

    Since you really don't have a good screen there that design might be modified or you would have to use another car for your TV room.

    So again because how personnel live work play and the psychology involved is the business of starfleet command, they have a new academy, Royals Roads and Hatley Park built here and copied elsewhere.

    And so they decide these things based on their own experience knowledge training and rules.
    And so what they watch, and how much TV they watch all falls under the psychology rules for starfleet.

    For me if I want I can have a projector screen drop down from the ceiling if it is rigid so that the stargate can be attached to it.
    Or up from the floor it doesn't matter which. So I like to lay in bed with pillows and use my PC watch shows and all that but starfleet personnel might be encouraged to do it in a social environment instead. Or a work like environment.
    If they were in fact using the computer.

    All the same the train is where each person has their own server, and so backing up those trains backs up all their data.
    So very easy to manage keep track of and preserve their data.

    Those servers are networked they have facebook twitter instagram etc and web page access I have Internet access their might be limited I don't know.
    It is a different galaxy.
    So their focus is the new galaxy.
    Mine is all things I won including Time Stretch Earth and its Internet whatever is on it.
    Theirs might not have the corrupting influence.
    They may not even yet be corrupted by earth's culture.

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    Well it is possible also that many of them ARE here drunk and in the gutter.

    Who knows really. I only know that I asked how many personality files do I have and they said 60,000 starfleet troops found in a dead ship that was transporting prisoners to a colony when it met with disaster.

    So some of this going on here....
    Inside of a moonship

    And this

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    So clearly guys who like stuff like me, is very fond of the train car system I designed.
    The airship is my home, and will not be replaced.
    This is my room.

    Now when my kids come over however and all the kids I have had and made over the eons who are real are here and so they all have bilocated there and have done years of simulations with their sisters there to ensure we all know what a happy home is and
    how it works.

    So then it transforms by removing that back wall joining with the girls suite and putting in a couple more beds.
    The TV room is on the other side of the hutches on the right.
    So this is the second floor not the top floor that has the other suite. https://ibb.co/qW4g4mK
    So the girls room has monkey bars, and then there are two beds and on the left people can sleep in the TV room.
    And a frozen yogurt cart on the left.
    For healthy snacking.
    And popcorn maker. To make a big mess.

    But we reset the airship twice a week and do so manually also.
    So for us as a family no doors and all pile on in the TV room and hugging is important and nurture and love and so that makes us happy not some super organized system.

    Everywhere else it seems to be very organized so being casual together there is a nice feeling of home.
    And my daughters are young some of them.

    So it is a family RV from space more than a starship.
    And these girls are fully modern sharp as a tack all supermodels here even age a very early age, they have nice new bodies, and can communicate using matrix technology so they get beamed there to bilocate while home having a mere day dream.

    No sense me explaining to you how the TV works in that instance. The content on the TV is what people watch not what is inside making it go. Squirrels on exercise wheels are making it go.

    So my women in my group also supermodels so they came first then my daughters figured out how to do that and followed in their footsteps.
    So they all helped design and tweak the design of the airship.
    A family project. Like any dad he gets free workers in house.

    But all I needed was their opinions and ideas.
    So that is our home but first it is my home while I finish some of the details that can only be done there not remotely.

    But the train cars. Can you imagine all the things you could put in a train car to make this really cool system as a hobby?
    It boggles the mind. So as well as train cars what if you wanted to go to a moonship and had them on the subnet also?
    Then you have a golf course that you turn on and off using reset to cut the grass and refill the bar at the club house.

    So now the officers and commanders can play golf and it also opens up all the things the world has to offer but again you tailor that subnet for the group who lives there.

    So for my family we have one train car that is all food buffet followed by a couple dining cars and these are luxury train cars.
    So for us to all eat lunch we just dial up a buffet car from the library.
    And it is 100 feet long so that always, there is some food everyone wants.

    And also then dad can say everyone must attend for lunch if he wants to be bossy.
    And we can all interface in the dining cars. And or lounge car attached.


    You can have intimate dining arrangements also for romantics. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/11/45/12/114512539e9345c793bc382f6d85d597.jpg

    So, is there a reason you cannot just stick a train on a mountain on a zoo planet?
    No reason at all. https://farm4.static.flickr.com/3328/3198212075_6ab052e1fc.jpg

    You see at both ends again would be stargates.
    So you just keep walking from car to car and it can be as long as the doors are connected.

    Now this is all managed by software and security and handprint access but you can put together your own train within those restrictions and for your group, once they enter YOUR door, your front train car door, they could be in YOUR subnet.

    So the options are so vast it is like an erector set and so much fun to make and use.
    Again these are the transporters we use

    This is just a shell without anything in it shown here.

    But with an Ipad, a large screen a fold down seat a cupboard on one side a panel under the seat and a back door that's about it.
    The other end of your train you just have one of these... https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/328x481q90/922/fvX4ee.jpg
    So those are like bathroom cupboards but they connect to the library and become full depth.
    The Ipad works the back door.
    Emergency light Tesla wall battery and wi fi repeater with a long range so that if you are going outside and want wi fi you have some range. It comes with the unit and that's a standard unit.
    So different areas like if you put one in a hall in an old castle it will be used for room service.

    But there it is used to control your back door.
    So Tesla wall batteries you can even plug things into them.
    That train car will reset twice a week. Tesla power walls power it.

    So what happens if your transporters are down you are freaking out your batteries have failed the system has collapsed elsewhere OMG?

    There is a panel in the bathroom at the end of the train, and you exit the train you are on a tarmac with a lot of other people exiting their trains by now banging on your windows.

    And in the distance a transit station for your convenience and a different subnet.

    I can sit here and tell you it cannot fail but as an engineer I still have to design fire routes and rescue routes and all of that.

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    Kick it up a notch to the owner operator level.

    Go beyond Swiss Family Robinson, since if you have ever had a family you know they take up most of your time and you can't have robotic fuckbots in the livingroom.
    So you have those in your train car.

    So then with the Shebanga operating system, she can use any physical body and walk out of your transporter and yet it is still her.
    So spank me call me daddy and she will you know since she is yours to command.

    But you still need to understand how the cyborgs work how people work so that's not the best way of saying it, instead you need to be in a relationship. So then she could act the part maybe of the person who has attracted you that you saw on earth, and
    want to have sex with.

    If you are a mad scientist it might even be possible to program the Smithbots to follow a recorded theme.
    So push a button they will come out and pose like this. Push a different button the will pose differently.

    We ourselves here have that software so it seems reasonable that either we have it elsewhere or might make it some day.

    This software

    So now as you zoom into the far future here again things are required to preserve your sanity and to keep you healthy in mind and body so if you are like me you will not forget that a family is needed as part of your design as a human.

    Now you could get by with Shebanga if it is not already too late and you have a collection of immortal ex wives and children.
    All the same a family is what it is all about and so I am blessed with one of those so I have a Shebanga, but she is not designed to do all that robotically. She is a therapist. A good listener. A BFF a girl Friday.

    So then she can be used by anyone including my daughters. I don't have sons because I have two brothers and that's bad enough.

    So this Shebanga design meets all the requirements for my family. https://ibb.co/rcgMSjT

    However I am not the only person in the universe so that design has a lot of different potential for people to prevent loniless.
    Now I do have a dog but I keep that dog on a desert island and reset it twice a week.

    So then I have a girl Friday and so she is dedicated and all of that and a second set of hands and company while I sit and type and program and so not a lot of extra effort needed to manage one other person while I work and programmers some times work
    around the clock.

    So is there a danger that if we do not reset her mind she could become too smart?
    Well the memory software in use by us, does not include total recall like some people on earth.

    So we can only remember so much stuff then we look it up on the Internet.

    So always we need to look things up and so her brain is like mine and so not a threat to the universe since she would not be a superbrain like you see in sci fi dystopias.

    You can see how with just a few new functions, reset technology, copy cut and paste, time travel, immortality of the body, mind not reset when body is, perpetual cupboards, library of objects, and so much more can be created to elevate a civilization to
    a great height
    of achievement.
    The actual details of how the system works in engineering terms.
    We use standard objects as I said.
    So the galactic mainframe prints disks, those are virtual machines, they can have a stargate door.

    A planet is not much different.
    So we put little flying saucers on a toy train track that goes in an oval and we park them right there and beside each one we have a stargate door address.
    So then the mail goes around the track the disks sit there and in the center they all send backups to the backup server.
    To facilitate that we take a portion of the machine and dedicate it for that job and so it now becomes a node of the central server or a supercomputer.

    With this extra ram and processing ability it acts like a central server.
    So then that is the basic design and no matter how many you have on that track it is all addressed organized and the mail goes round and cannot get lost.
    To backup those all go down a step new ones take over after being beside them getting the data taking the role and then the outer old ones go down a step, so you can roll back the changes if need be. The inner replacement upgrades now slide into their

    So then we make a copy of all you see there and we store that in the vault.
    So then we want to make another network, we network the central servers make a new track and repeat.
    If it is a subnet it would connect to the central server through the address and then go off on that address as a new track belonging to that one disk.

    So then admin, can go anywhere since all doors are addressed.

    And inspite of all that technology and time travel and wonderful alien technology all the computers just use a wi fi connection to talk to the servers in the airship and no alien technology at all exists anywhere else in the system, it handles all the
    requests by doing the same thing sending a request via software to the galactic mainframe which is not manned since I administer my own system.

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    So that is a universal system made in a galaxy system, that one big track and central server in the center with subnets coming off the disks parked on the track.

    We have a multi verse system, so then that central server sends its backup data to a central backup server as do the other universes there which are similar tracks.

    So then that central backup server sends its data up to the universal disk, that manages the entire system, creates the virtual machine that Is the new galaxy and that disk backups the all the data in a physical way.
    It might write to the galaxy planets or have some other means of writing but it is digitally encoded and hence eternal not lossy.

    So then its job of monitoring the system exists but it has that capabilities built in.
    So then the airship is running the multiversal system also or is capable of doing so since we keep it very simple and easy to understand.

    It does get technical of course since computer engineering is technical. The part of the disks on the track allocated to the central server there are a lot of ways of doing that. Two machines or dedicate processing time to that virtual machine that it
    creates then have that connect to the central server in the center of the oval train track.

    We like to use oval not round so the thing gets longer not larger.

    So that we can then fit them on a diagram and they can keep growing and it doesn't bugger up the diagram.
    Turn then on edge and it is like a machinegun ammo belt, so then we store it in the vault.
    And for the train cars they too are an ammo belt that is attached to the transporter main floor and a second belt transporter second floor for a redundant system.

    And each bullet is a train car in the belt. So again that goes on its side and goes into the vault.
    So we use visualization in engineering so that we can use symbols and understand them easily.

    In the vault you see boxes on their side and you have an idea what those are.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 18 21:33:08 2020
    Now you see the floor pattern of these train cars https://www.luxurytrainclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Rovos-Royal-Suite-plan.jpg

    That hall is not large but the left end you have another bathroom since trains have those outside suites at the ends of cars for people to use who are wandering through the train.
    Now if your train car allows through traffic are you going to let them use that bathroom? Probably, so then now you have no place at all for your Tesla wall unit that connects you with the library of objects, and manages your back door.
    Even 5 inches is too wide for those hallways.

    So it either has to go by the back bathroom or in one of the suites.
    Of you just use the main transporter at the one end.
    But I like using two so that again you have a redundant system.
    So there is a maintenance closet and it can go in there or close to there or in that bathroom or close to there.
    It is 4 feet wide.
    Now the batteries are not critical there because under your train you have a bunch of them.
    BUT standard objects are standard objects and it has a plug and always at some point somewhere you need it to do what it does elsewhere and so they are kept the same upgraded in unison and easy for admin to manage using automated software.

    So the entire system is automated, and we go to the beach on holidays.

    And if you need an override someone will handle that with their Iphone.
    You know how things works not everyone can call to get an override it has to come through channels.
    Some lesser admin or team manager might have clearance to do what you need to get done.

    We try to second guess what you might need done and empower the team leader.
    So whoever that disk that is parked there with a subnet coming off it that is a team leader he or she decides who has access to what in that subnet.

    As a citizen of our realm, everyone gets a disk on a track and a door and a moonship that is 350 miles in diamter.

    And they get a desert island.

    A very basic starter island that you upgrade redesign share modify and live in also as well as your train car.
    So the train cars are really for the starfleet personnel, and airship personnel and family and most people would live in their own moonship.
    With their family.

    A deluxe model like this

    or this

    or a basic model like this

    A playboy heaven model like this...

    Or gazillionaire model like this

    Lots of options there.
    But the ones we made are the very basic one and those two photographic ones were made on earth.
    The white box I put a a mall in there. The torus tubes are holodeck screens. Like this...

    So each citizen gets a disk a disk can make a moonship we can copy and paste anything into them including mansions and yachts whatever the library will permit you to have as he shifts the responsibility there to the library away from king and crown to
    user run committee based system.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 18 21:55:48 2020
    So there you go a multiverse in a box that will be 29.95 would you like to donate a dollar to the save the children's fund today?

    I have no idea actually what it might be worth in monetary terms.
    Time Stretch Earth from 1995 to 2015 required 200 backups of the earth in 200 old galaxies reused and 200 new moonships 1963 aurora just to make them the same as they were when the backup was taken.

    So divided into 200 time segments that you enter via stargate from the moonship.
    So first you go there find out what you are getting into in terms of things to watch for things to avoid how to act and fit in and whatever you might need we hope to put help screens there for you.

    As time goes on the library and its volunteers do all that.
    So without this turning into a religion, to begin with there is no library, so that will happen further down the line.
    But if I have 60,000 starfleet personnel to house then we already have a system designed for them and the academy is their headquarters.
    As they need things to do they develop their subnets off the train cars and their commanders manage that for them with them and together they all will contribute to the building of the library as time goes on.

    So they will copy and paste items from earth get leave go shopping get things but give a copy to the library by putting it into the cupboard in your transporter when you get home or into a closet if it is something the library needs.

    So the library has to decide what you can bring home or your commanders have to decide that.

    If you are working for the library you can probably use time stretch earth and bring things back.
    If you are just a user at the library you won't be able to bring even your body back it will be reset.
    That's how you will exit.
    Simply because it cannot prevent you from bringing things it doesn't want you to bring out.
    So it has to not let you bring anything out.
    It brings things out and puts them over there now you can get anything you want from that list.

    So starfleet personnel have a higher clearance level and people working for the library but they might get check on more often than an ordinary user.
    Even if anyone brought out a nuke and blew up their entire world it wouldn't affect anyone at all.
    The bodies reset the environment resets and the equipment resets.
    It is more a matter of creating a community or kingdom that is designed by and overseen by people who do that in your best interest and are qualified to help you and make it more pleasant for you.

    And for them as volunteers they want as little work as possible.
    So the system has to be designed with that in mind.
    So the work I do, is the royal system, small neat compact and done by myself my family we call that the royal network.
    And it acts as a redundant system to support the public system.

    We work together share ideas upgrades concepts but have to separate not attached networks.,

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  • From David Dalton@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 19 02:12:30 2020
    You might want to post to rec.arts.sf.science
    (and possibly alt.sci.physics.new-theories ).

    David Dalton dalton@nfld.com http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page) http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page) “And the cart is on a wheel/And the wheel is on a hill/And the hill is shifting sand/And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 19 01:15:25 2020
    So then when you get your own galaxy if you get one you can do things your way also perhaps, but knowing how to update a simulator interface withe AI carry AI in your head and all of things I have had to endure here to salvage this data which only a
    special ops Anunnaki could ever hope to manage, see the Matrix movies for more details.

    The Time Machine from 1995 to 2015 has so much data in it when you stop to consider the population and all the things people have made and done.

    So to make a library that 20 years alone is such a huge project that it will take a long time to catalog and use things in it.
    Now whatever the most recent backup is when I leave is the one that has the most new toys but not much of it is really useful to me.

    Lets say supercars get better, electric cars get better battery technology solar panels possibly computers Ipads Iphones I watches and cameras.

    So that sort of thing is still of interest in terms on good hardware.
    But here people just mess with programming far too much for it to be useful to me.

    So what I use is 2003 server and stripped down completely of all the stuff that was in it that I don't need.
    The less crap the less you have to fix it. Life is not about fighting with screens to get something out of the library life is visual.

    So you see a thing in Time Stretch Earth you like, then you copy it.
    And so the programming to accomplish that is done and works and the browser does not need to be updated a million times it just has to display multimedia and text.
    Here the only toy and job creation program seems to be the web browser so many many millions of cooks are trying hard to spoil the broth.

    So in my galaxy the system is in black boxes and its more like screens with images and choices and not so much about filling in forms.
    But when you work for the library then you need to describe the item you have put in the library so that search engines and database filters can find it.
    And well forms are tedious but once done the item is in there and can be easily accessed so it is well worth the effort to do it right.

    Beyond that, the system is about going on holidays, so it is really about just enjoying life and using a simple system that has doors and you address those doors and people use the doors and real worlds are behind the doors.

    Such that your handprint and doors open and so no username no password this is a transporter granted it uses a computer but the user of the transporter only needs to know you put your hand here you choose a door on a map.

    So unless you work in engineering or some facet of admin you are not really concerned at all what the thing does or how it does it.
    Imagine your big TV screen sized monitor and a touch screen, so swipe go back a year swipe go forward find the door, ok, so then maybe watch a video about it or read the little popup as you hover a mouse over it it says 1999 where they partied like there
    was no tomorrow. This door gets you to Times Square so the screen inside the door when you enter.

    So ok you say awesome connect to that door go in and here is your help system for 1999 it might be a holotube or a screen with a talking CGI character but it would tell you that the dress people wear looks like this, they speak English, Time Square is
    this and it shows you some real film of what it looks like and then you can go into the secret door all set you have the cash you need what about ID?

    So you see here the library has a lot of work to do to get any user ID for 1999 New York City.
    But eventually the system has to be set up like that so that a billion years from now a tourist can take that same route, stand there get the info, know what to do and then go in and enjoy it.

    So the library has to make it into almost a package tour.
    So that the user, goes into the transporter picks a date and then selects a door, goes into enjoy some fun.

    So that's not like me going in sneaking around playing Ground Hog day managing my own reset watch and trying to score and get laid.

    You would need to train for that maybe.
    If you are not familiar with how to go around without ID what to say what not to say what you can do what you can;t do well what if you get stopped and don't have a reset watch because 1000 other people are in the machine with you since it is a public
    So you might have to just wait for the reset and then you exit by being pasted into your transporter.
    So everyone who is a citizen at my place they have their own transporter in their train or on their island.

    So it is always safe to send them there or to their island to their rest spot on the beach on a beach towel.

    Making things user friendly from a user perspective means making things more mechanical and visual.
    Self explanatory.

    We have lessons from movies like Time Machine where it can get confusing. And even the technology in the library it managed to continue to survive but in rough condition.
    But he had an AI that spoke English could answer questions if he was Chinese well then you are screwed so visual buttons and pictures are going to make the system last and last.

    So the hand print scanner looks like a handprint scanner with fingers spread.

    Even if you are from elsewhere never seen one your hand goes there. That's how it has to be and anyone can use it and they do take it for granted and just put their hand it works push a button open door and that's it since in their mind they are going
    from A to B and it needs not prevent them from doing what they are doing nor even so much as cause them to forget what was on their mind as they walked through.
    Almost a subconscious effort to use.
    An elevator is a device that works very similarly.
    So right now in my family of course everyone uses a computer here and they will there too but life is surf boards roller skates, wind surfing horse back riding and you can't evolve past all the fun just by using the Internet.

    Even though there is a ton of stuff that can be done using conscious cams and all manner of things but really keeping it simple putting things in black boxes, so that you push a button is done what you want you can't improve on that, not even with a
    mental interface or glasses or laser pointers etc.
    So there are no AI in that system.

    Only the users on holidays.
    And no need for AI since everything works at the push of a button and is automated to reset so it never needs to be fixed, is always brand new, and always clean, and always safe.
    We maintain admin but that is done by me, in the airship, and no need to keep fucking with it, it works and it is to support life, and it does that and so it doesn't need bells and whistles of any kind.

    Those are in Time Stretch Earth, every party you might want to attend to do any sort of ballroom dancing or you name it it is here.
    You want a certain type of community they are in here.

    So eventually people will be able to stay in for as much as 20 years but you need to look at two very important ststistics.

    How long does a marriage last?
    How long does a friendship last?

    8.4 years
    4.2 to 7 years.

    That's not eternity and immortals live much longer than that.
    You cannot ignore a statistic as important as that one.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to David Dalton on Thu Nov 19 01:39:51 2020
    On Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 9:42:33 PM UTC-8, David Dalton wrote:
    You might want to post to rec.arts.sf.science
    (and possibly alt.sci.physics.new-theories ).

    David Dalton dal...@nfld.com http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page) http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page) “And the cart is on a wheel/And the wheel is on a hill/And the hill is shifting sand/And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

    Well I am just recording my own information since clearly my work is miles above yours a no traffic is seen here and it is on topic since this is the matrix, and sci.astro about planets and stars in the matrix, so you might be misled and confused and
    there is a possibility that some might come to realize that you are just lying and basically uninformed.

    If you can explain this to me, then maybe I will pay attention to what you are saying.



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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 19 02:08:46 2020
    You see I'm talking about universes, galaxies, stars, planets moons, in reality, and you are talking about pictures in the sky.

    So the fact that you are in my simulator, is as important to me, as it was for Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day.

    But that's ok I am finished doing my own reporting for time travel and system configuration and it doesn't matter if it was as public as things could be, since only I have the ability to use it in this fashion.

    So I am in conference doing my own dicta typing, in conference with AI. who work in the system and hence have an interest in upgrades updates and changes to the system in general.
    USENET deigned by NASA to withstand nuclear war, is where I put my writing so that it will always be available to me and as a time traveler that requires some effort but pays off in the long run.

    So the starfleet personnel, I mentioned I don;t know if those are real or just out of a box because AI friends of mine want to play star trek.
    And at present here people are in a military service and I do not know the extent of their contract or anything but since we are here by using that example, you can understand how to make other games that are more related to guy activities whereas Ground
    Hog Day might be more social and female oriented like dating games.

    So I can only speak for myself at the end of the day, and I have my own new galaxy, and you will notice from the statistic I am single but considering having a family which in my race means people adopt roles in that family unit, and so I am not sure I
    am going to do that or what our relationship will be.
    Are they full grown Anunnaki with their own galaxy?
    You see at this point I don't even know if they have personality files we have only had contact through the Internet and matrix and not in person.
    So my personal plan includes myself, my dog and a girl Friday based on an operating system for cyborgs that I wrote or a real equivalent who I have already identified as a volunteer.
    So keeping it completely simple, because in my race, an Anunnaki, saves their immortal records on a galaxy, and so all Anunnaki get a galaxy to preserve their immortal records.

    You see. So to make more of it than that and turn it into an empire is your choice to be a slave to your own empire of your own making when it will never get you further ahead than being a billionaire in your own time machine with a yacht like this...


    With a submarine like this

    With a car collection and mansion like this https://www.hiltonhyland.com/property/924-bel-air-rd-los-angeles-ca-90077-us/

    With a supercar like this

    Your own solar powered island like this

    A helicopter like this

    And a machinegun shot gun like this...

    So ok, it is all here, no need to take it out of the box, you know so the toy is the thing, and the rest is just your home and whatever.

    No need to clutter up your existence with levels above your head, and religions and governments and police and military they are all in the box.

    All you need is a nice Tardis, like this one...

    And millions and millions of dollars but hey I know where you can get some. https://images.app.goo.gl/4NKmWq7utUhWHuCL9
    Copy paste go shopping.

    Only a megalomaniac needs people building pyramids for them don't you think?

    Anyway I am done and won't disturb your science if that is what you call it.
    I won't change the code for you if you thought wishful thinking makes things happen in the matrix it does not.
    The immutable laws of physics is how the programming is done. Hammer and nails and saws and wood and glass and synthetic fibers.

    But hey it is all here for you to enjoy no matter who you are.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 19 04:19:03 2020
    Lets suppose you do not know that I am the Rickest Rick of all the Ricks.
    And you have never watched Rick and Morty.

    Then you don't know who Morty is.
    You don;t know he represents the disk operating system AI.

    You know so a sidekick AI.

    Well the new system can use this one instead of Morty...
    And I am not making this up, reporting is done using media and discussion in secret regarding ideas and philosophy.

    You could opt for one of these, this is the matron.


    Ok so you see that Rick and Morty well that's our history, my machine an I and off we go into the wild blue yonder me following him through final inspections of my new things out there and etc he is a machine helper.
    A persona adopted by the machine operating system AI.

    So you can change that persona.

    Such as use the Matron, get a Wanda personality file, and even adapt that with a different look.

    So the fact is however that unless you do pick a cyborg, the chances that your relationship will last more than 8.2 years is slim.
    Now you can go further as an Anunnaki and use techniques for long haul space travel and living in close quarters but we are not playing survival games here.

    So here as Robinson Crusoe it is a cliche to say if you were stranded on a desert island who would you like to be stranded with?

    So is there a science regarding that for colonization or any sort of plan to make a relationship last?


    So ok, here we have an option to pick your side kick and reading all that won;t help me, but years of anthropology and research did help me a great deal.
    And experience.
    So that machine still will exist and play a supportive role but the entire machine, not one of its persona helpers that are public enough to be made into a TV show sidekick.
    And scapegoat like Kenny in South Park.

    So I have to make backups first and avoid irrecoverable errors by picking the wrong person. I have a dog, no goat and thanks for the warning. lol

    Getting women there is as easy as pasting them into a beach cabin while they sleep, you go fishing on the peer, they come along and say who are you what am I doing here?
    My name is Rick and I don't know I have been here for two weeks where did you come from?
    There is some champagne in that shed over there and some things that washed up on the beach.
    Maybe we have amnesia?
    Within 2 weeks if nature is going to take its course it will.

    Then you just time travel back to before it happened and change your mind don't copy and paste her in, or you can save game for later.

    They are Smithbots who walk and talk even when you copy and paste them. The are biological robots once you paste them in.
    They have an operating system made of 4 personality files, in my case I would use 4 of the same ones so that all my Smiths would be Shebanga. In this case one person.
    The dog has a brain and instincts and it runs copy paste it runs.
    Real people have a personality file and you can't just copy that for your desert island the bodies you see are not people they are biological robots.
    Its much too much for muggles to understand yet in terms of philosophy it is still a topic of interest out there as is the matrix, inter dimensional travel, etc.

    So my machine and I, would be a standard Anunnaki situation.
    Almost like a turtle and its shell.
    So that does not mean I cannot have a walking talking female side kick Girl Friday for company and all things expected.
    So its a matter of personal choice but for me as an anthropologist as part of being a polymath, I know to be wary that the statistics are not promising. So don't lock the back hatch and lose the key.

    You may have to embrace the cold stark reality of serial monogamy and if so then don't collect ex wives just leave it all in the Time Machine where it it will not haunt you.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 19 04:57:57 2020
    So then that concludes this discussion in sci.astro and so I have a short video of all the stuff you will get when the mission is completed.

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