• Gravity waves

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    Ok so if you know the expanding man model if not then fuck you.

    Ok so lol what is a gravity wave?
    What is gravity?

    The expansion into the 5th dimension an outward force from the center of an atom.
    Pushing against your feet.

    So then why doesn't space between us and the moon then disappear as the objects take up more space?

    Each atom is pulsing in the quantum foam and sending out spherical waves, Cosmological constant.

    So as the space shrinks which does not exist in the first place because it is empty space the objects in that space are pushing against each other keeping them apart.

    So then a gravity wave is currents in the ether.
    So if you know about Einstein and how he was helped by Lorentz with the Lorentz Transformations, which shows that as you approach the sun you are moving deeper into its gravity well. So your are being compressed and so is your ruler.

    So every element has its own gravity well even though it is tiny but a molecule has one also and that affects how fast those waves come out which are caused by the pulsing nuclei of the atoms.

    And so the wave length and interactions are very fine in nature like a Cesium clock, and covalent bonds form by high and low pressure areas in and around molecules caused by waves that add up or cancel out.

    Very strong waves since atoms and the void and things are expanding with the force of the expanding universe so try to prevent it it will go nuclear on you.
    So supernova, nuke, Bosenova
    All the same thing.
    What are the chances the big bang was similar?

    So I am not following LIGO so I don't know if they have done their work accurately or not, but that is how the system works.

    DNA how it executes its functions is based on elements in slots in a molecule and those wave pressures determining if a slot like a Chinese checker board is empty and drawing an element in by sending out waves that cancel out between them and them alone.

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