• Why no space time?

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    Spacetime is the ether.
    Based on Newtons Absolute Space time.
    See newtons bucket.

    Why no spacetime?

    This is a matrix simulator and it can't possibly have all that quantum foam in it so it must be using math to order as the program runs and using the foam to represent atoms in its hard drive which is perhaps a metal rod.

    What the simulator looks like is a flying disk as seen in The Day the Earth Stood Still.

    So it sits in the center of a hollow moon and it vibrates gets feedback off the inner surface of the hull and that powers it.
    Its radar also goes through the hull forming a 3D image of its surroundings.

    If it wants to increase its power feedback can do that and it can direct an energy beam.
    As it did when the last building fell in 911.

    But does it actually physically exist there?
    This is the matrix what is this thing you call physically exist?

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