• Ripples in Einstein's Nonexistent Spacetime

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    Since I am the only one here and everyone else has been body snatched.

    Let me give the grand unified theory we have for 35 years but decided only the special chosen ones of physics and industry like IBM should know what it is, so you don;t have to go looking for another job maybe you know waiting on tables.
    Would it be possible for me to do this on one page?
    Only if I really know what I am talking about.

    You are standing on a expanding balloon and you are also expanding and there is ruler on the balloon and you measure yourself and it and say it is not expanding.
    Yet you feel gravity under your feet.
    So it is expanding into the area beyond the universe so that is the 5th dimension. The area between points. see the raisin bread of physics.

    So then quantum foam bubbles Planck length in diameter are pulsing in and out hence they are moving in a straight line following back and forth the arrow of time as they pulse but now they have intrinsic mass.
    Background radiation.

    So then all these bubbles are touching so always it is the transfer of momentum that we see as waves for instance em waves which are waves in those bubbles.
    Since those bubbles are elastic and pulse in and out because inside those bubbles is another vacuum. So a balance of outward pressure being contained by this vacuum.

    So then they are pressing against at atomic skin its nucleus and that element whichever is also pulsing in and out on its natural frequency. And it also has intrinsic mass.

    So then as it pulses in and out it sends a spherical wave in those bubbles and that wave crests at the electron radius in H we calculate that as e.
    One proton pulsing creates on electron spherical wave of e.
    Now they are all divisible by that since atomic numbers are in order numerical.

    So that wave is dark energy AKA magnetism.

    And the adding up and cancelling out of these waves attracts or repels the atoms.
    When they get into a situation where they are balanced in attraction, you have a covalent bond.

    Where are photons? When one spherical wave intersects with another streams shoot out and those are photons. Wave packets and transverse now but still in the foam bubbles.

    The arrow of time is from the center of the nucleus to the electron radius. Outward and the empty space past the edge of the universe does not exist, so everything can expand forever since it does not change in size as the balloon showed.

    There you go. Strings are a con to keep people employed they don;t know a thing about physics and neither have they ever made a prediction using it is just Wizard of Oz nonsense.

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