• The Biggest Waste of Money in the History of Science

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    Sabine Hossenfelder: "Today I want to tell you how particle physicists are wasting your money" https://youtu.be/9qqEU1Q-gYE?t=3

    The more-than-a-century reign of the insane ideology called "relativity" is by far the biggest waste of money in the history of science. Time for Einsteinians to answer "the embarrassing question":

    "This paper investigates an alternative possibility: that the critics were right and that the success of Einstein's theory in overcoming them was due to its strengths as an ideology rather than as a science. The clock paradox illustrates how relativity
    theory does indeed contain inconsistencies that make it scientifically problematic. These same inconsistencies, however, make the theory ideologically powerful. [...] The gatekeepers of professional physics in the universities and research institutes are
    disinclined to support or employ anyone who raises problems over the elementary inconsistencies of relativity. A winnowing out process has made it very difficult for critics of Einstein to achieve or maintain professional status. Relativists are then
    able to use the argument of authority to discredit these critics. Were relativists to admit that Einstein may have made a series of elementary logical errors, they would be faced with THE EMBARRASSING QUESTION OF WHY THIS HAD NOT BEEN NOTICED EARLIER.
    Under these circumstances the marginalisation of antirelativists, unjustified on scientific grounds, is eminently justifiable on grounds of realpolitik. Supporters of relativity theory have protected both the theory and their own reputations by shutting
    their opponents out of professional discourse. [...] The triumph of relativity theory represents the triumph of ideology not only in the profession of physics bur also in the philosophy of science." Peter Hayes, The Ideology of Relativity: The Case of
    the Clock Paradox https://tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02691720902741399

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