• EVIL WHITE CHRISTIAN THIEVES "deliberately diminished" Greatest Mat

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    EVIL WHITE THIEVES "deliberately diminished" Greatest Mathematical
    Contributions by Indians

    WHITE FILTH does NOT have even an IOTA of respectable character

    EVIL White Christian Race's DNA should be and must be FORCIBLY

    Better yet, just completely ELIMINATE WHITE RACE and make human
    RESPECTABLE in the Universe.


    Ash Forth @ForthAsh
    "Contrary to Eurocentric belief, scholars from #India, over a
    period of
    some 4500 years, contributed to some of the greatest mathematical
    achievements in the history of the subject."

    Indian Mathematics - Redressing the balance

    Ian G Pearce


    Sure and India put the first man on the moon also....?

    OOopps sorry the Myth is that two Black women did that...

    Must be India stole that math from Africa.

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    How hindu can you get!! india and indians have contributrd nothing
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    india wiil be nuked, it is the only way to stop more terrorism, kiddie
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    no amount of spamming will change facts from hindu fiction.

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