• Sabine Hossenfelder Equates Big Brother's 2+2=5 and Einstein's c+v=c

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    "2+2 doesn't always equal 4 [...] Suppose you switch on a flashlight. The light moves at, well, the speed of light. And as you know the speed of light is the same for all observers. We learned that from Albert Einstein. Yes, that guy again. Now suppose I
    switch on the flashlight while you come running at me at, say, ten kilometers per hour. At what velocity is the light coming at *you. Well, that’s the speed of light plus ten kilometers per hour. Right? Erm, no. [...] So, if you add something to the
    speed of light, the speed of light doesn’t change. If you come running at me, the light from my flashlight still comes at you with the speed of light." http://backreaction.blogspot.com/2021/06/22-doesnt-always-equal-4.html

    John Stachel: "But this seems to be nonsense. How can it happen that the speed of light relative to an observer cannot be increased or decreased if that observer moves towards or away from a light beam? Einstein states that he wrestled with this problem
    over a lengthy period of time, to the point of despair." http://www.aip.org/history/exhibits/einstein/essay-einstein-relativity.htm

    "Seems to be nonsense" is a red herring. Einstein's constant speed of light is OBVIOUS NONSENSE. Frequency and speed of light pulses vary proportionally for the moving observer https://youtube.com/watch?v=bg7O4rtlwEE, in accordance with the formula

    (frequency) = (speed of pulses)/(distance between pulses)

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