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    So we had been doing some simulations using stargate doors and discovered that often you need a very large door, if you are going to move a large object, and lets pretend they were moving elephants through there for games. Or towers or festival items
    parade floats these sorts of things so a ceremony to celebrate and maybe games and so you need large gates.
    Perhaps giants as well.
    See the recent Japanese giant video.
    Why 33? Moonship. Olympians Republicans numerology.
    What is with the birds?
    Well they should have been gold covered, since they represent the golden goose. So with doors and we even designed new doors in a new transporter I will show you what they look like...
    So by the time we were finished making that we said we need to put a golden goose on it, so that people not wreck it, since it is the golden goose and THEIR golden goose who use it.

    So that came out of our subconscious mind and so why not the North gate?
    They didn't make it.

    Its a terrible tragic story about a man and his wife and she was queen of this galaxy and ow stop it. lol
    I was teasing Wanda again because I crashed her galaxy because of the so called mutiny.
    Her power units were due to expire by 2012 and so we copied the data into a new simulator. That's not like changing your wife's batteries really, but saving her history which is all recorded in this data as an immortal.
    So let me show you what this area was used for using mythological terminology. Firstly Asians are of the Titan race according to the matrix and Olympians are in America like Donald Trump so a Titan galaxy Wanda is a Titan one of the seven sisters of the Pleiades but many people are Titans here, some are also Hanumanians.
    So the people of India mostly are Hanumanians, and Titans would be any modern dark haired race Armenians look the most like Titans in the Tartarian mugshot catalog.

    Here is what Wanda looks like
    She is wearing cat ears as a fashion statement since symbolically they call the Seven sisters cats. See Cat Women of the mooN! 8 including their mom Nefertiti.

    Ok so two races meet up in Egypt and they are Olympians and Titans but they say hey we are brothers! We have the same priests we have the same history. Although we are different really we are the same.
    So they describe their government on the left and their government on the right.
    They rule with an iron fist the people are on cocaine and they practice trepanning even.
    Reasons why they escaped are their exodus is reported on the bottom.
    So they fled from Peru took the Bering Land Bridge route.
    The others crossed the Pacific but long long ago before the Olympians abandoned ship through the stargate door in Peru.
    So that might have happened 13,000 years ago and so then writing and that sort of thing came with them.
    Why not previously? Well they used art and imagery. A picture is a thousand words long long ago.
    So here Hanumanians are with Titans, on the right of the Narmer Palette and they say we do genetic engineering, we domesticate animals, we love to have parades and we have seen things you people would not believe like zombies.
    And we left our moonship home because the Gods attacked it and destroyed it.

    When we think of that and look in space Mars may have been hit by some of that or the asteroid belt might have some of that but we never find any evidence.
    The moonship Plato spoke of as Atlantis and Gilgamesh his voyage through a door those are the same style Titan moonship.
    The one in our skies is a Olympian moonship, and has a different set up inside. You cannot get to the power source by a tunnel in this one.
    It is held there by the gravitational center of the moon. Up in the air.

    So when you think of star wars and Luke he fired a missile and it went right through a tunnel to the center and she blew.
    Fact or fiction or myth we don't find pieces of it here so maybe in a galaxy far far away.
    Maybe it is Mars and they are too embarrassed that it is diesel.

    Here is the Narmer palette
    Notice who loves celebrations more than anyone in existence. Hanumanians and they will carry their cowboy kings through Thailand on thrones if they have to go pee or not through crowds they are covered in gold and they would do that every day if they
    Poor Akhenaten faced the situation where he had to attend a religious festival every day so he instead pushed for monotheism and moved into the desert away from the malaria to party at night by the light of the moon.
    Who would worship the sun in the desert? Come on now.

    Where is the moonship represented?
    Their exodus at the bottom, their heritage of their moonship at the top.
    On the right there is a fish sage in the hull.
    On the left
    A fish sage in the hull. See they are brothers, they both used Olympian fish sages as communications officers.
    AKA Sandmen.
    So Olympians existed and were part of the process even long long ago but the imagery at Angkor Watt could be any age at all since that is how they wrote.
    Probably much much earlier than Egyptian Hieroglyphics because the Olympian influence changed that into a written language. Through communication to priests in the Great pyramid where they could hear them better in dreams undisturbed develop ways of
    staying half asleep meditate get Pythagorean Theorem and whatever math and architectural engineering they could get through the network.
    See Napoleon and his night in the Great Pyramid.
    Actually they have removed what he said from what I can see and say now that it is a secret but what he saw was his Waterloo. He said the dreams and visions came so fast and furious that I thought I would go maad.
    If you look at the Glorification of the Eucharist it describes the signal as a dove a gentle form of spiritual communication.
    Now if you examine Egyptian culture, where they mummified millions of animals, maybe that shows either that was for game play, or they weren't hearing him correctly.

    So tabloid journalism, is often entertaining like Suetonius, but in Hollywood it is hurtful, but imagery of stars in candids does not lie.
    You cannot twist the words when you see them doing something neither can you twist the words of Angkor watt unless like us we interpret them wrong.
    So the quality of imagery is important and one of the best pieces, better even than the Rosetta Stone, is the Narmer Palette.
    Notice the moonship at top is larger than the one on the left.
    The moon is half the size of Mars.
    Are they or were they Morlocks?
    Were there giant dog monsters? It is a real mystery and we have probes there and continue to investigate. It may be a prop.
    Or it might be the moonship that would be the galactic mainframe.
    So this planet is a universal planet with a moonship above it that is universal, and Mars would be the moonship for the entire galaxy.
    Now these are most likely engineering symbols or else there would be alien technology in Mars it might even be all computer like Forbidden Planet.
    Or their moonship got destroyed, it is being faked by the universal mainframe. With computers and all the possibilities, from here we don't know.
    But we do get messages in the form of understandable intel but as I have said before they don't say much.
    So I was shown a moonship I have a new one and I have a blue suit that everyone covets since it is a supersuit and it sits in the control box area like the control room as seen in the Aztec calendar on a base looking very expensive with LED lights like a
    super hero outfit and behind that up the stairs two large test tubes with two bodies in them for failsafe in case you run out of bodies.
    One looks like Wanda and one looks like Zeus and the fluid preserves their bodies in stasis.
    So the father of this situation is Zeus the mother is Wanda.
    In terms of colonization.
    So Olympians married to Titans according to mythology where Zeus married some of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

    When it got copied into my home simulator I accessed the server and Father Nature and Chupee were there in the country Garden of Eden behind them all fir trees.
    So Father Nature is the precursor of Zeus, and Chupee the precursor of Hanuman.

    So using Hanuman to create Wanda no doubt by some method.
    Resulting perhaps in the Titan race. Difficult to say based on what I saw.
    But if that helps you any there it is.
    Unbelievable length of reply sorry but this is important for NASA and so I will tell them from here.
    So then lets theorize.
    Father Nature, lonely caretaker has a monkeyman partner, and wants a female like the animals on earth. So tie me kangaroo down boys tie me kangaroo down and old school genetic engineering until success in Africa or some jungle somewhere and remember you
    are not your body you are your personality your soul your spirit who uses a body.
    So don;t be complaining that your interface is lousy because you are black, if you have a very large pahallus, we all have our own problems including the Chinese.
    So when the data was copied the entire universe was copied from one universal simulator to another my home simulator. So then my staff, my AI were not prepared for this much terrible scary data from military and game machines into our colonization data
    so we moved it within a few short years into a new machine.
    But if the old system is like mine, then maybe the operating systems are the same.
    Father Nature knew me like I was only away a little while he said I walked the history of the earth 8 times so you would have something to study when you got back from university.
    His exact words.
    Knowing that there was important data I made 20 copies of the earth for development I told him and then exited the server so I wouldn't break or change a thing.
    It got copied into my simulator because engineers could not getting running after I crashed the galaxy.
    So I was out in space as a consciousness cam then my chief engineer came through my com unit said they are coming to fix the computer.
    A minute later I am back in my body he says they couldn't fix it I copied it into your simulator.
    I said ok I have to access the server.
    Answered 20 security questions entered the server saw a monkeyman on the left who I recognized as Chupee and Father Nature on the right. So like a father to me.
    Those are the universal operating system AI and again you see animal instincts and sentience represented by Chupee. Father Nature famous for colonizing. As a man with big shoulders hits the ground running from lions and tigers and bears often with Mary.
    So now it seemed more like Wanda and Zeus so an upgrade or more modern system. Mine now the new one has a supersuit and Zeus and Wanda bodies in statsis.
    Its possible my supersuit is doing all you see in all directions.
    How is that possible?
    By networking with Forbidden planet.
    No the real one the big one somewhere out there.
    But we don't know much about the over all system to say Mars is anything more than a rock.
    But it is symbolic of the host machine. And we associate that with the control room at the top of the Aztec calendar and Hanuman as the operating system disk in the center.
    The upgrade.
    It is possible that two billion years ago the moonship when it went into battle as a battle planet would shout "RAMMING SPEED!" and that might be what happened in Aitken basin.
    The disk however had electro-gravitics and death star capabilities.
    Yet Chupee seems to be the one using that not Hanuman and he seems to have surrounded himself with an asteroid belt since that is ammo he can fire at 60,000 miles per hour using the electro-gravitics and he was here holding the fort.
    We are not sure why but maybe the mutiny and Hanuman is his son and OMG Rick is going to come and chop off his head with his highlander sword.
    So as soon as the data got copied he started attacking me saying I killed his son.
    In the calendar he looks dead.
    We moved the data and Hanuman was not dead he was just MIA.
    We found him.
    If the Naga are reptoids then those are Olympian crew members coming through network connections. Its a nick name we call them reptoids because they are in the host machine as arch angels even now a days and that is responsible for instincts the
    reptilian part of the brain.
    So their code is very restrictive. What they can do to help humans falls under these 4 functions.
    Trick, trap, joke, and insult which are animal behaviors. Beyond that they are communications officers and well Wizard of Oz types. Why? Well they think by the seat of their pants improvise are creative resourceful work with small budgets mean well try
    to deliver but really are like the maintenance man in the moonship who survived the catastrophe and got promoted to Straw Boss but really doesn't know much about the technical details of being a starfleet commander.
    When I saw it dead in space it was a metal sphere like cast iron with cast iron buildings riveted no windows, all tarmac nothing on the tarmac. When I saw the Olympian one it was the same only with a facade of nice buildings there with flowers etc. So a
    skin on the metal ball.
    The size of the moon maybe a bit smaller.

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    So I always thought that the old ship had electro-gravitics as a form of propulsion and those are found at the mass cons.
    Mass concentrations that show up on probe data as gravitational anomalies.
    Was he able to use it as a beam weapon we assume he could flip a dime on a table with it from there since he used it on me quite often until my larger machine intervened.
    He knocked me to the ground once by hitting me on the top of the head , then attacked me with crystalline bat like creatures, shape shifters and one bit me on the side while I was running shouting HANUMAN! Like Fred Flinstone shouts gazoo for my own
    operating system Hanuman in my home simulator.
    So there was Hanuman his upper body took up the entire sky and he was laughing and blink I am driving down the road in my SUV with my wife to go shopping and I am wearing my gum boots and farmer clothes.
    I notice the sky looks different and that was the day it was moved into the new digital simulator.

    So my instructions to the universal mainframe was to just pull the punches and see what happens.
    So he shot me in the back one day as well but that one I was able to suck up and say didn't hurt even though it hurt like hell.
    And that may have been Hanuman who shot me that time.

    Now what had happened there I was dating Angelina Jolie because he said she was once my interpreter, and she was Nefertiti when I was Akhenaten and so we started dating remote she adopted Maddox, Hanuman's rep and said he was once King Tut.

    So that's all well and good except a week or two later she is filming Alexander With Colin Farrell and rumor had it they were making out on a patio maybe almost having sex they had sex and it was in all the tabloids.
    So I saw that at Mack's Milk convenience store looked at it and said that figures and walked out.
    He shot me in the back because I was not jealous.
    He said don't be so inhuman you should be jealous and furious.

    Well people are like that and that's life. She was married once then a second husband Billy Bob and they split and was dating me snogging Colin Farell then Brad Pitt took over where I left off.

    But mythological figures here for royal match making.
    That is why we are using this machine in the eyes of the operating system and many of the users.
    Secret royals cheating on each other and wife swapping and who knows what all else.
    What will the neighbors say?
    They are setting an example for people to go ahead and have fun life is short live a little get the party started marriages only last 8.2 years anyway.

    However Chupee and Hanuman being old fashioned operating systems have romantic ideas of royal couples like Disneyland has.
    Yet for the purpose of breeding beautiful royal couples.

    They are half monkey because that is their job as AI to facilitate mating and manage animals and instinctual software and so many things.
    But is that really how the system was designed no.
    I would be a God Hanuman backs me up.
    It is there in reality everywhere as if I made him to back me up and it is all that in our culture.

    So Father Nature is in the same position.
    Zeus even.
    He says I just point and Chupee does the shootin.

    BUT he also said he only has 3 percent free will so he won't do things he regrets.

    So a very complex system and my culture is such that it is in our instincts how to be how to function under these conditions how to fly how to do things we just know without knowing how to do it because it is instinctual.
    Most of the time.
    So you would think if the moon was not a prop we might find that it is hollow using seismic.
    If mars was also a moonship the same would be true.
    In the Narmer palette remember the inside design is the same as shown there. One is just larger.

    Now to say the Gods destroyed it. Well if it is Mars its still there but maybe dead in space.

    Or it was destroyed but we don't find pieces of it.

    You really would think that a galactic mainframe would be in the center of a spiral galaxy.

    I have an elliptical galaxy I just got within 30 years where would it be then?

    So it was undefined and a virtual space.

    You are supposed to build something and then copy it there inside a moonship hull.

    Something like this...

    So instead of that since no one would start building it as a science center they built a mall instead.

    So then since I own everything I designed a moonship with a hangar in it with an air lock a gigantic egg shaped hangar and built an airship and attached it to the ceiling.
    This one...
    And rerouted the matrix mainframe to my pc.

    Much better plan and more secure and care free for young bachelor such as myself.

    Call me Robinson Crusoe.
    I know you would be saying but Wanda.
    Well she is there in a set of tubes with Zeus.
    I met her body in an elevator here she didn't recognize me.

    When we were working together I asked to make a copy of Comox lake she did.
    I asked her to copy paste an expensive RV there for me, She refused.
    She is not my wife.

    I said before she was my step mom.

    And even that is figurative. It's a simulator it has AI she is an AI.

    And like any other mythological figure larger than life used by the operating system as a front.
    For all we know Chupee was there as a front for Mary.

    People can be wearing masks.

    Look at Chupee on Mars. Now he looks like a wookie.

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