• Post-Truth (Einsteinian) Science: Lifetime of Muons

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    Post-truth science: "The lifetime of a muon is about 2 ╬╝sec" https://youtu.be/hZsIwDXaN0E?t=858

    Actually, this is the postcatastrophic lifetime of muons that have crashed into the detector at a speed close to the speed of light and naturally disintegrate much faster than non-crashed muons:

    "The lifetime of muons at rest [...] Some of these muons are stopped within the plastic of the detector and the electronics are designed to measure the time between their arrival and their subsequent decay. The amount of time that a muon existed before
    it reached the detector had no effect on how long it continued to live once it entered the detector. Therefore, the decay times measured by the detector gave an accurate value of the muon's lifetime. After two kinds of noise were subtracted from the data,
    the results from three data sets yielded an average lifetime of 2.07x 10^(-6)s, in good agreement with the accepted value of 2.20x 10^(-6)s." http://cosmic.lbl.gov/more/SeanFottrell.pdf

    "In order to measure the decay constant for a muon at rest (or the corresponding mean-life) one must stop and detect a muon, wait for and detect its decay products, and measure the time interval between capture and decay. Since muons decaying at rest are
    selected, it is the proper lifetime that is measured. Lifetimes of muons in flight are time-dilated (velocity dependent), and can be much longer..." https://www.scribd.com/document/266379869/Muon-Rutgers

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