• The Kobayashi Maru, I can't believe you don't know this.

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    Well that's weird.
    As soon as Jourdan's instagram account got hacked and she got humiliated, people somewhere figured out we had no protection for our royals since she is a royal and they all got body snatched.

    Fuckin figures.

    All my videos in youtube got deleted and there was proof of aliens in there and everything.

    And Wanda is not my wife. Again as soon as you get a new galaxy everyone moves in for the con.

    What a bunch of nonsense.

    Once a game machine always a game machine.
    Until you replace the operating system with a new operating system, you will continue to be gamed on no matter who you are here.

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    Yes it is the same old story, the fight for love and glory
    Meddlers, peddlers and ner do wells surrounded by angels.
    Heaven is a place on earth and now if we could just find it.

    It is probably under the arctic circle because long ago a guy flying a plane over it saw a big hole and so surely the earth is hollow and inhabited by reptoids who are abducting people and eating them and storing them in vats and using us as game pieces
    without us knowing it and stealing our stuff when we aren't looking and brainwashing us to follow the Kardashians.
    (taking a breath)
    But the girls have such nice asses!
    So what is a guy to do?
    We are hypnotized every time we look in any direction.
    Resistance is futile.
    And our memories not worth a pinch of coon shit.
    That software seriously needs an upgrade and that AI who manages it has an agenda.
    Am I not concerned that my family got body snatched?

    It is most unfortunate that I find myself single and alone in the land of beautiful women.
    Rich good looking with a new galaxy and a 12 inch dick.
    20- years old and the ladies have trained me for the last 20 years to be their fuckmate 2000
    An accessory to their vibrators they keep by the bed for ceremonial purposes.

    Watch for unicorns wearing polka dot dresses soon.

    So apparently the opinion of those above us is that they wanted to teach the animals to talk but without vocal cords animals can;t talk.
    So they used the programming for cats dogs monkeys horses for their brains and put them in human bodies and then this made the show the catalog the game cannon fodder since they were just animals and hence just robotics.

    Quite a funny situation so then this maybe stayed hidden and they got the human designs by running on and as humans moved where the disk was into their radar they were able to copy them over time by breeding animals and hacking the computer.
    Something weird like that to imitate an Anunnaki body making machine.

    So maybe the code existed already to make bodies for the Anunnaki but those bodies all died and so they didn't know how to make one from backup they didn't have the proper rights perhaps I don't know so much of it is a mystery but Olympians came from
    dogs Titans from horses Denisovans we call them came from cats and Hanumanians come from monkeys.

    But it is all ingenious and terrible good fun.
    The ultimate fuck toy as it were for the rich.

    Now for me I had to fire Harold who was mentioned in that old post because he was accused of abuse of power.
    So I had to set him up go in and get him to abuse his power on me. So I beamed in and did what I could to get him to attack me or police me and he slapped a metal mesh thing on my arm that dug into the flesh and then I had the evidence to fire him.
    So then I had to assume his duties as Sandman to cover for him and that is how I became the fuckmate 2000.

    So since I am a moonship captain, then I have sandman training in case one goes down or like this needs to be replaced so I had to assume his duties until Gupta got here and then wait for her to get accustomed to it and now she is there and finally I
    have a replacement.
    That was a lot of work.
    All the same the women taught me a lot of stuff.
    That was one hell of an anthropology lesson let me tell you.
    I learned how to be a Don Juan so that can only benefit me here in the future. One more utility for my utility belt.

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    I don't think the Hanumanian cops drink gin but you guys should try that maybe Tupac knew something wan't he a Hanumanian?
    Sure he was.
    What am I doing in this newsgroup?
    I am hiding from the Hindus and the hackers and the executioners axe men whatever they are who are head hunting for professors.
    I have the misfortune of being an egg head.
    There is nothing to see here folk people.
    (Waving hands to mix up the ether).

    So about those low riders! Man those are cool trick riding cars are they not?
    I bet the chicks just dig all that car hopping and trick ridin down Broadway Ave in L.A.

    No country for old men.

    Yes well so that was a game changer yesterday but we learned a lot about the power structures in this game machine.
    What it amounts to I suspect is just a further example of how this does imitate a prison in a lot of ways.
    It may very well be one.

    We do not seem to have much in the way of protection that I have seen. There is no end to prison talk and free speech will get your head chopped off.
    The headlights have all been on the cars for years and nothing has changed so that solidarity push there fell on deaf ears.

    I said it once and I will say it again. IN a game machine no one can hear you scream, and any God who was not here to prevent Hiroshima, you do not need.

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    I thought you wore glasses Praveen.
    Must have got some contacts.
    There are some mysteries in that region to be sure.
    You only made 100 videos so far? Maybe by the time I finish watching those ones you will have made another 100.
    I feel like Indiana Jones in an arm chair like a Jetson watching from space.
    I didn't get any mosquito bites malaria typhoid cholera dysentery yet I am exploring all the ruins in detail with a great tour guide.
    No one stole my cellphone or my bike or my wallet or shoes or anything. This is so cool.
    It is 68 degrees here 140 there with high humidity.
    The food there looks great though. That yellow liquid the bugs whatever those were.
    I am learning so much!
    Wow and to think I thought I knew everything.
    What an amazing game machine with such people in it!

    Well done. Indeed. And architecture, design, construction, concrete even, I am a hands on guy and learned all that stuff here and even poured concrete downtown here myself.

    I helped build a mall down town in case of zombie attack, so then of course they made a remake of the movie Dawn of the Dead.
    But better safe than sorry.
    And I poured the sidewalks around the building with only one helper.
    I take pride in my work so I invented a means of showing you called google street view.
    It was years ago but notice when they patch it they cannot match my work so they don't even try.

    That's exposed aggregate. The fountains and that came from Italy or somewhere else.
    But long after mountains crumble to the sea those sidewalks will remain.
    (in backups in our time machine)

    So that mall is a project for the time machine. So in this city my family a number of their supporters since they are famous outlaws con men hookers and the like from mythology, their entourage built them malls as well.
    And I helped with one other mall in town.
    So then they built a few others.
    Now they said my mall was a kids mall and gave it to my little brother Michael. I will show you the ceremony.
    Then they built giant malls well not as big as the Dubai mall Robert and Harold built that.
    But Mayfair mall and Uptown center and Westshore town center.
    Enough to turn this area into a supply planet. We just took a copy of Vancouver island and dropped a Stargate job done because it stayed with power and no people for 6 months. Hydro dam at Jordan river.

    So now Wanda's mall gets 120,000 visits a year same with June's mall, about the same and the same roughly for the boys their mall and uncle Robert his mall is smaller but he has a super golf course community Jack Nicholson designed golf course Bear
    Mountain resort.
    108 hole golf course of something.
    BUT my mall downtown in tourism central. Location location location so I get millions of visits per year.
    So they change the stock constantly.

    So then each year it is a new mall.

    And in that way I have one location, and 30 malls in one spot over the time that it has existed.

    "The Bay Centre, formerly the Victoria Eaton Centre, is a shopping mall in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is bounded by Douglas, Government, Fort, and View streets, in the city's historic centre.[2] It has 39,115 square metres (421,030 sq ft) of
    retail space.[3]
    Opening in 1989, the mall was the first large shopping mall in Downtown Victoria. "
    And it is two blocks long one block wide and fits in a white box on our desert island.
    Like the story I told about the island with a box.
    I will show you...
    So first we did a study and built this one and this is the view I had of it when I saw it with my consciousness cam but I don't have a photo I have the original design.
    So bare bones and we were going to give those to our friends and they could share addons and upgrades for fun and network them with stargates.
    It resets every two days so perpetual cupboards and you just exit for a minute and it resets or just stay there and end up on a beach towel.
    So then we thought well wouldn't it be nice to have other things there but can we make an area that we can copy and paste without bothering the rest of the island? A partial restore and so we went with that system.

    So then the large white box.
    But first I developed a tower for archaeology time travel and favorite sites through time.

    So the torus rings inside are holodeck screens so when you are in there you cannot tell you are not looking out into the surrounding area.
    But if you do it in sections like a display it uses a projector in the ceiling and floor and a laser pointer makes it interactive. That technology already exists.
    So you show what is there on the other side of the door, and maybe have a display to learn about it. So first you visit the ruins and all that and then you time travel back because I made 20 copies of the earth, and in that folder, the entire history, of
    the earth.
    Analog. But we can take a snapshot and convert it to a digital snapshot since atoms and the void.
    So we just need the atoms.
    Who cares what platform, what are the physical values of the atoms. What element, what state what coordinate etc.

    At any rate before I get too far a head. Here is one of the Seven sisters giving my mall away to Michael in effigy.

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    He looks like he bumped his mouth shaving there or something.
    Praveen seems to be the answer to tourist destinations overcrowded with white Americans in Bermuda shorts.
    Kudos to Praveen for putting on a great show risking his youtube channel telling truths and leading us on this voyage of disovery.

    Inca tours is another one you just have to see. Investigate the secrets of Egypt and Peru with Inca tours.
    Let me give you the link if you like interesting stuff...
    Nice new executive summary for you as of yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FcY3DlRtok

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    So we looked at this desert island concept further and came up with a larger version.

    Some pavement for the usual bikes roller blades roller skates and walking I suppose or jogging.
    And then washrooms there and the white box there and some cabins on the beach.

    This was tested in Hollywood and we filled the beach easily and the cabins easily and mostly with people who wanted a second honeymoon or a first one. But always people wanted to go there and they do go often to those places now but we just made it
    convenient to bilocate there and to pretend.
    And in doing so we did some anthropology.
    So one of the most popular books in history is Robinson Crusoe and another Swiss Family Robinson and those themes today still extremely popular.
    They liked the rustic cabins.

    When the weather is warm and a bit of a breeze and everyone is in bikinis and Bermuda shorts you like it like that sort of surfer guy style since in the city it is very much different so going there it seems more Robinson Crusoe or Swiss family Robinson.
    Yet not so rustic as a lean to.
    And no bugs which of course is important.
    So that island is in a moonship.
    And that is the advantage but we also wrote some weather software for that class of moonship.
    So a ideal island in the sun, with your own mall, and perpetual cupboards from the library, and your own cafe.
    A cafe theme that appeared in the film Pleasantville based on an abandoned cafe we found in a moonship.
    So some great history there and some great story making in that film.
    So we decided to make it a cultural icon.
    So just a diner and then you can make whatever or get it ready to go from the library and it has bathrooms.

    We also put larger bathrooms on that island once we thought well suppose you have a large kingdom and people and you are visiting their mansions and you arrive via stargate or transporter so then if everywhere you go there is a transporter, why not just
    connect to your island as a bathroom no matter where you are and have your own bathroom.

    So if you are visiting people you can still use your own bathroom and mall to get a clean shirt.
    And no lineups at parties concerts functions when everyone has their own bathroom island.
    So it really does provide you with food and shelter and the conveniences of civilized life and so go so far as to say all citizens of our galaxy have the right to one of those as part of their citizenship.
    So that you are immortal, body reset for you is a towel o your beach.
    And if the server does not get a ping from your brain, it resets you assuming you are dead.
    If it gets a ping from someone not on its list then it doesn't send the consciousness signal to that brain they fall down.
    They got voted off the island.

    Then they distappeared. (as a 5 year old would say)
    Like gold fish they went back to the sea.

    Caught torturing someone for 2 days or similar. You just never know.
    So we made it as safe as heaven and fun and incorporated social networking so big screen by the cafe with news and nice scenes and happy time stuff and you can play music or see through cameras and feel like the administration is your friend until you
    smash it with a chair when angry so now you are down to a backup fail safe system where there is a matrix camera you cannot see or smash pointed at a white board.
    You can write on it and OCR will record what you write and it expects to see help and probably little else.
    Why we don't know but that's your failsafe.

    You will reset if you do not exit when the property resets to clean and stay new so nothing ever breaks down.
    To exit you walk through a stargate but we can even set up the island so that if you enter the white box the rest of the island will reset and vice versa but it is geographically easier to divide the island in half and say well just cross this line
    Wednesday cross it again Saturday at noon.
    So move from one side of the line to the other and you won;t have to get up from your towel over there on the beach since all that will happen to you is you will be reset back to where your body was saved on your towel.
    One of the first things you are required to do.
    Then the law states your body must be reset twice a year to avoid disease and pregnancy and childbirth.
    So then you think well I could have a premie and maybe raise a secret baby the baby won;t make it because it will get caught in a reset and not be reset but will disappear.
    You can try and try doing things but at some point single person access only doors will prevent you from bringing in two heart beats into the transporter.
    For us we are not thinking that this is such a big deal we need to install so many safeguards we expect people to merely understand the law or get the fuck out of town.
    Swim for it.
    Don't fuck with the golden goose. And on every transporter the golden goose with a crown symbol is there in gold on an emblem.
    lower down on the wall.
    Inside the transporter is a cupboard. So no matter which transporter you are in, anything that is in the cupboard library is available.
    If the network got large an actual library would set rules on what goes in and what comes out of the library.
    But for me and my initial system it is a royal network so all the stuff i make is for myself, and then it can be shared later.
    But too many cooks spoil the broth so I will make my own.

    So then my engineers said hey we just built you that solar powered island you wanted since powering these things with diesel generators doesn't work for you for some reason you don't like the smell of diesel and noise from a screaming jimmy.
    Shall we just listen to a screaming jimmy right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMVO_5w53Ok

    They smell like hell as well.

    Notice on the right of the sign no star wars... https://goo.gl/maps/bpoutypsaYJXXp9k9

    So a larger island for more women and larger parties and all solar powered.

    Now the beauty of this and the genius of these guys is that is a power station.

    So we can make thousands of copies of that island and to connect power to any mansion in our kingdom, it now takes 10 minutes.
    You copy that island paste it and then put a stargate there by the power panel. Disconnect the wire after the main cut off before the breakers.
    Then do the same at the mansion disconnect the wire from the meter, so after the main power switch.
    Then flip, the second toggle.
    How many flips that?
    I saw that movie it didn't end well.

    Have you seen it ? Where wannabes fry captain Amazing?
    Ok just want to make sure you saw it. That is why I just connect those wires myself.
    Flip the switches myself.
    It takes 10 minutes.

    So that was brilliant to make that island and it will power just about anything including the mall in a box.
    AND you have the bonus of a nicely built communal island.
    A place to park the yachts and the world has yachts a plenty.
    So now for me, since my family was just replaced by body snatchers, I am probably better off with my dog, and I did save its body and did beam it into a moonship just to make sure that it could be copied and pasted and it would still go.
    Now it would get reset twice a week maybe and I would never have to clean its teeth and its tail will always wag.

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    Well yes, the white box on the island, that you restore the copies of the mall into, also would have gardens or whatever you want after you copy paste them in and arrange it from stuff you get from earth. Then you do a save of the white box and so then
    you need a staging planet for those and we use moonship interiors 350 miles in diameter, flat tarmac and paste buildings onto that tarmac as part of our object library.
    Not that I am anti social, I just don't like muggos see?
    I would rather have holo tubes around with pictures of people than Kardashions in my park like setting.
    A pet dog, man's best friend. No need to scoop the poop just reset which is again just a partial restore.

    All the same you see the beauty and wonder of the system a desert island that has a large white box that you can change the contents from contents at the library and so I built that box for the mall I helped build and then realized it has so many more
    uses if you just use a library and copy paste in contents from a warehouse world.
    So we developed that idea until we thought well why not cupboards?
    Ketchup, mustard, milk, bread, why not ready to serve meals? Drinks?
    All you need to do is freeze your warehouse world put it on pause and then copy and paste from it to a staging planet so that you do not add time or change the item in any way and it stays the way you copied it.

    Now you see why I am the Rickest Rick of all the Ricks, only the Rickest Rick of all the Ricks could have come up with a dream kitchen idea that makes life for women a dream come true.

    So then how to store cupboards? Well we decided on giant lego blocks with voids on a grid and just record the coordinates and make software to pick and fill empty ones provided by the system for efficiency and then the data base lists what you put in
    with photos and you just use your Ipad or Iphone to select what you want and then the light goes green on the cupboard or your phone and you open the door and there it is.
    Anything that might fit in a cupboard.
    So what about closets?
    Rooms 20'x20' and yu load them up.
    So then what about garages?
    We have a standard garage based on one we found in America a brick garage double garage really nice looking garage that is free standing not attached to the building.
    So then all your beach toys and game stuff and sports equipment everything you put in a garage so what about cars?
    Well now you can have a car library or collection and pick one and it is ready to drive and clean and for us normally electric but low riders you know if we want to impress the chicks.

    And then if you paste garages everywhere on your worlds then you can drive into the garage and drive out where you are going.

    So plenty of those get pasted everywhere and they have like 5 Tesla power walls in them, which is a lot of battery power and the worlds reset twice a week anyway so you could arc weld for days with 5 Tesla power walls orobably and all they need to do is
    provide light maybe some power tools and the Ipad.

    So how do we connect the Ipads run wires across the galaxy?
    No we just put little tiny stargates in the back cover of the Ipad over the antenna, so that they are networked.

    So those go to walls in a staging planet then 100 meters away an antenna so that poison gas can't just be pumped into the control room by and angry native. So a repeater on the wall numerous repeaters to antenna and then from there those stargate match
    up wit a large bin in the office the control room and a antenna is in there which connects to a server, that is next to the main server.

    So I make my own system and use my won compression my own methods and then it would be very difficult to hack in fact impossible since the server will only take a filled out form.
    And like any form try to put something in the spot beside a formatted date it won't accept it.

    So each field of your form requires certain data.
    For instance if it is a scan of your handprint, then it is a image and images are as harmless as it gets.
    Then your request which is connect a door.
    So does your handprint have clearance for that door if it does the door gets connected otherwise it simply ignores the request and says you don;t have the necessary clearance for that door.

    So then no way to hack that since it only takes an image and your request which can only be a number between no doors and max doors.
    It doesn't want to talk to you, you cannot get it to do anything else it just does not do anything else that server is so basic.

    So then to access the library again a handprint and a door address and the door address by number tells the system what sort of door.
    But it doesn't give a shit.
    A door is a door no matter a cupboard a garage a closet a house door whatever. Just for my own records I use a system where if I see a number I can say oh that's a closet.
    Convenience but the system doesn't care.

    So the doors first have to be placed and that information recorded, so the door function is software elsewhere and that is just the server that talks to the main server and tells it the door number period. It wouldn't be telling it that number if the
    handprint did not have clearance.

    So one machine checks for clearance and ID of the person and records things security can add things there to do with cameras and different safety features then it sends a message to the main server into its door box. Its mail box for opening doors it
    just checks that mail box for mail then carries out requests.

    So a nice safe easy to use system.
    And it does so much.

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    So then essentially it took only one year for guys who would be captains of valor under normal circumstances and longed to ballroom dance with maidens on Rhode Island to choose ground hog day as a more fun way of doing things.
    Now I am a team player and as a captain you have to be.

    So the intel from people in the ground secret agents since Jules Verne and H.G.Wells and the like including actors and actresses in the 60's they said airship or balloon and I went with airship.
    They said Swiss Family Robinson or Robinson Crusoe so we developed both of those for use by civilized people of our modern age.
    But when they saw what we were capable of they said Ground Hog Day.
    And they nailed it.
    Since it can be so much fun.
    One player or a group.

    So if you don't want to play that but just want to go to Disneyland you can. Paris for lunch you can.
    The transporter will give you money.
    The secret door to your destination could be anywhere but between that and your world is a staging planet designed to have a room that is to serve that door.
    If you are a woman going to 1955 New York City, you might want a fur coat or a pencil skirt outfit all the things you might need within reason, like different sets of clothes etc can be had in that room from the library.
    So my tower and I will show you it in a little more detail has the door and allows you to make preparations specific to the destination.
    So inside those torus tubes are doors in the inside.
    Development ideas here http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/19z3d0skelyqw5hfajgy24vbcm5dag0c

    And it ended up so that if you walk around or ride a bike around you will not see the same scenery. So a google street view kind of set up so that it is open ended.
    Now programmers need open ended things to make bigger games or larger help files they can't work if you limit them so that works as a great design.
    So using that I did create 3D no glasses here in my lab by figuring out that a mirror is 3D and that is because the length of z is preserved and a flat screen TV z = 0.

    So then is the z signal still there and it is in every film.

    So then what is the problem?
    Well the camera lens is curved, the projector lens if curved your eye is curved your screen needs to be curved.
    So I took some video mapped it onto a curved surface elongated it then mapped it onto the torus and it worked.

    Even on your flat screen this looks like it has depth.
    So the wall is like 10 feet past the floor yet it looks much further away.

    So we developed that into a system elsewhere and now it is a huge technology triumph since the airship is in a hangar and yet it seems to fly and the tapes are any hi res tapes and we can use matrix cameras from planets restored as far back as we want
    and fly over them in complete safety go into space while having a smoke on the deck, and then any window can be the same, since we went further and mounted cameras under the airship filmed the walls piped it through a stargate door jam, the one in the
    basement of the airship, then outside Rosie's pub where it is attached, to a repeater, to an antenna across the river to a townhouse to the large 20x20 room we built in the backyard which has a huge bay window in it, and behind that a curved screen, and
    it looks completely real out that window.

    You would throw a chair through that window thinking you could escape a fire. It is 100 percent real looking.

    So then that means if we attach a stargate window to the other side of the glass and a matching one anywhere we have a window that size that can look completely real outside so for concerts, where it is too crowded, you fire up the backup mount a matrix
    camera film it and broadcast it in your entertainment room.

    So this for you is all advanced alien technology but you know since it is the matrix and matrix is computer technology you can fully comprehend how it operates.
    So in the comfort of your home much like I have been doing watching Praveen explore and bringing us with him.

    Only there it all looks real.
    all the same you cannot replace human contact so just going into Time Stretch Earth to be with people helps to keep you sane for the 2 billion years we budgeted for prior to review.
    And really whatever you want to do it seems the earth has it on offer.
    Has it improved the women for sure say yes.

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    There is only one solar unit even though the new model has a warmer light since this digital simulator that set me back a few yuan, it is like living under florescent lighting.
    So the sun is yellow.
    I know that is hard to believe.
    And a single star at night.

    And weather software and wind but I am not sure how much wind when I tested it a stiff breeze blew the curtains, but we are so efficient when we do this work we do things quickly.
    I beam in ok I know where I am, I don;t ask what am I doing here my machines at night just beam me period so I find myself there in a familiar house, the wind is blowing the curtains are come in into the room, test complete report done move on to the
    next project and I beam back home it took 30 seconds.
    That's them saying job done we got that order finished.
    So later I can look at it and see if it could be turned up enough for surfing and what effect would that have on the property if any.
    But certainly I just heard actually that it can be used for surfing.
    You see the white box that I designed now I challenged them to use modern materials like unbreakable security glass.
    Have you ever seen that stuff?
    You can chop at it with a pick and an axe for an hour and not get through this material.
    Forget about trying to shoot through it you cannot get past the layers of material and glass.
    So that type of durable material so that you could even copy and paste this island onto an earth like planet have it withstand a tsunami.

    So I was thinking about my tower when I made that request. Since it would suck if a wave crashed into and got the supercomputer wet that is on the ground floor.
    So the ground floor has a supercomputer and a devonian garden.
    So a Devonian garden is like a very ancient stage in earths past where water flows and exotic plants grow close to the water and water falls are everywhere in there and bromeliads which are flowering plants that live by moisture alone and dew drops.
    So it doesn't matter what you put in there but it is called a Devonian garden and lets look at one...
    So with that theme you have water and can use it to cool the server room or the building or the super computer.
    It can recycle through tubes into the water outside to maintain a constant temperature by merely controlling the valve that allows the water to flow into the ocean or lake depending on where your island is.

    And your water temperature.

    So you will notice at Club Med Finolhu even though it is on the ocean it has a huge fantastic pool. So people still prefer to swim in fresh water. So in the moonship the water is fresh water and has fresh water fish in it and very little other biology
    except the dog.

    To see biology and axe murders and maniacs just visit the earth through Time Stretch Earth, which is what we named our time machine that is made up of backups of the earth.
    The earth has everything in it so not having something there does not deprive you of it but it does make you safer and more secure and more comfortable.
    And so it does help a lot when visiting the earth to have your own quick exit. So your Iwatch is able to reset and you are back on your beach towel.
    Now with sophistication, you can do a save, then wherever you saved last that is where you will reset to, and only your body not your mind or your memories.
    So you save then enter the bar oh a guy is going to hit you with a chair since you pinched the wrong person's bum, reset you are now again outside the bar and going ion to play groundhog day.
    Don't you love it when I spring this stuff on ya? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VF5P7qLaEQ

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 01:02:50 2020
    So that was what I did since 2004 develop new technologies and have them built elsewhere.

    So we did preserve some interiors of the old moonships after people began to renovate inside then my engineers condemned the hulls so we copied it all the work they had done and pasted it into a new hull.
    And Christened it 1963 Aurora.
    Then I gave a copy to the guys who were helping me and they developed it further inside.

    But really for Robinson Crusoe and his dog the desert island still wins.

    As I say for me being a royal life is different and hostage takings part of your week.
    They attacked my old girlfriend (old as of yesterday) because of a comment I made to Praveen's video in youtube. So they hacked her account.
    Like they are big shots can get away with white collar crime like noting so don't mess with our cults and stop saying the marsupials did not swim to Australia.
    So you see how I can't collect people because they soon become game pieces hostages and the like in this unruly environment.
    They would be body snatched since no one protected her from humiliation, so they won't protect her from anything.

    So instead of that I will just go it alone and play ground hog day for the weekend in Vegas like everyone else.

    And copy paste 30 cheerleaders who are getting their group photo done into a copy of the same building they are in except on my desert island and set off a smoke grenade and have a PA system say there has been a terrible explosion, you have been saved by
    a higher power, welcome to heaven. Rick will be here soon to assist you with his 12 inch dick.
    Here I come riding a sea doo looking tanned like a generic surfer.
    Snog em get a back rub and back to the sea they go with a reset.

    Who's next?

    What about scary island?

    Paste em onto scary island which has voodoo props while they are asleep they wake up on scary island.
    There is fruit and stuff to eat by the statue.
    Dead flowers by the whatever this is... https://images.app.goo.gl/z6F8kioVbYP4RX7J9

    And so then tropical hut and of course foxes inhabit the island.

    So if you have not heard a fox you can ask google what they sound like at night.

    google what does a fox sound like at night? Like a woman getting murdered in the woods.


    So the next day you come rowing up in your outrigger canoe and by then she or both of them are terrified and so glad to see you.
    And you say "What are you doing here??? This island is sacred! "
    and you put some flowers on the ting and say I must go now before they come!

    So then they will want to go with you and so you let them hide in the bottom of your canoe and paddle to the island next door and then convince then they do some ritual and have sex to please the gods immediately.
    Then you can even hang out like that for 8.2 years.

    "about 8.2 years
    While the national length of marriage in the United States is about 8.2 years, New Yorkers actually stick it out longer and average about 12.2 years. The rest of the state fares well, too, with most marriages lasting between 10 and 14 years."

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 01:18:16 2020
    So then you see the real problem here that your chances of having a marriage last even on a tropical paradise are not up to immortal standards.
    So then you start to collect ex wives. And they need men so you start to collect ex wives and men that at any time could attack you from behind.
    So you know all that is madness right at the ex wife collection point.

    So that is why maybe no one gets married in heaven.

    But for the desert island it is what you make it and you need a good solid background now in philosophy that you have never seen nor heard of.

    Given that one, you do not know what consciousness is. Well I explained it.
    So then if I make a copy and paste it what happens to the original? Nothing they are not affected at all.

    Ok so then which is real? Both. Ok so what now? You made it you clean it up after and park it on a shelf as a file.
    DO a save for later and go fishing with the boys.

    You can have a full on family life walk into the bathroom, use your Iwatch and do a save walk through a door, then park the world.
    No time will pass for them and you will not age.
    20 years later you say OMG I forgot I left the kids at the park!
    You go and turn that world back on reset and walk out of the bathroom and life is the same as it was.
    So you collect things but those are saved games.
    That is what we call those.
    Like when we restore a copy of the earth onto a blank bring in 2 million in a suitcase go to Vegas we call that time travel.

    Resetting the cheerleaders on your island we call that time travel too.
    You have traveled back in time to before you decided to do that and you changed your mind and changed the time line.

    Notice that when Bill was talking to the lady in Groundhog Day she was very sympathetic, the resets were not affecting her at all.

    So you see its a game.
    And you just play it the way you want to.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 14:19:03 2020
    More alien technology?

    Sure why not. Talking about alien technology helps beat the boredom.

    So what does the transit station look like in the new system?

    Like this.

    So then you have your familiar desert island which is a standard unit and that has the family size or group size cabins.
    The purpose of this is because that transit station visits other cultures and some of them are very strange and so having a bit of your own culture and home like places incorporated into the system allows you to just leave all that and go to the beach
    maybe see other people and escape the beheadings etc.

    From inside that building, unless you know what it is and where it is, if you are on the second floor, well you will not know that there is a beach outside, you maybe convinced you are actually flying through space in a space ship because you can see
    space right there and it looks completely real. Not only that but you watched it lift off and shrink into the distance.

    From this viewpoint right here...
    roughly speaking

    If you are not in a transit station the desert island looks like this, and it might be assigned to your family or similar.

    So then the top torus is not looking the same since there is no admin center there but one is needed at the transit station.
    That white box might have a mall or a garden or be used to load anything into it from the library like that, but in a transit station you have a super computer so that CGI can also be used for your film and so then it could do anything that CGI can do.
    And render frames quickly and even provide some excitement in the way of special effects.

    So it depends on the type of journey you are embarked on and which level of civilization is using the transit system.

    So if your civilization has transporters maybe close range and you need to fly there to your planets like starfleet then the stargates do the work but in secret.

    You don't know that out the windows is a holodeck screen it looks real but your ship has no inertia problems because of course it is the alien mothership taking you from A to B maybe on a tour which can be really cool if you are on the level of
    civilization which can go outside and hang out at the beach because you can also time travel.

    more to come after I have some lunch.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 19:06:50 2020
    Oh you're welcome.
    Things got a lot better since my last lecture on the subject to nvidia etc.
    You want to know what we discussed lets call them super P points.
    Intelligent P points that store a lot of data. And use files on a drive so the map can be huge. Seek into the file don't load crap into memory. You see now you have real time realistic render. For people who don't have a supercomputer at home.
    And the P points know where the light source or sources are.

    So then that there is a video that you could put into the torus and you would believe it was real without the game character.
    So you see how it could be a fighter ship also and not a full torus shape just a bay window is all you need.
    But again motion sickness and all that has a science behind it and you don't want your transit station passengers to feel ill.
    So for us we just float across the terrain if we want to see where we are going or if we want to enjoy a cruise like holiday there at that transit station.
    Lets use this one again.

    So inside the center on the torus level can be cruise cabins, an indoor pool, you can have a skylight providing the weather outside matches the weather in the torus on your journey. In our case the zoo planet well the sky is the same color and if it is
    not too cloudy it will look the same.

    But we can also just go outside where it is always sunny and perfect weather since it is in a moonship that has weather software.
    So then we might be more concerned with what is the real purpose of our journey?

    Is it just our family since we want to see the zoo from the air or is it a group of families and we want it to be a holiday?

    So you plan an itinerary normally and so then you make the island up the way you want it to be.
    Those rustic cabins are just the very basic level when new and then you can alter it with mansions if you want.
    Castles or just camping like this...

    So depending on your itinerary that you plan you can use the entire island and go view the inside of the torus at any time in the form of a production. Where lets say you have made your desert island into a wonder park and want to say look at me
    everybody look at me, so then you want to drag your friends on a holiday and show them your stuff in a fun way while you BBQ and talk about things.
    So your wives don't want to hear it maybe so they want to be outside on the beach but your buddy wants to hear all about it, see the slide show wants to know how everything works and maybe not just your buddy but someone else who is more important and
    you have a pitch for them.

    Productions that you make are more effective than just a film or slide show so you have a lot of options there including an interactive screen and a super computer in the white box to use.

    Maybe you have made a great game and so you are now going to play the game all weekend with your buddies and party on the beach in the evening.

    So you plan your itinerary and if it is a production then you can walk and talk around the torus and interact with the screen using your laser pointer.
    Or just go watch the film like you were on a cruise ship or ferry boat on a ship.

    You could venture from planet to planet and the scene is just the journey made using CGI to create a film.

    So then an A to B transporter is part of our system since our system has to last 2 billion years and a billion years from now someone might walk into it so it has to be easy to use.

    So we put these in there since no staff are going to wait a billion years for you to show up.

    Now our holo tubes look completely real since we use our screen and holodeck technology.
    They are so real you have to tell them it is not real it is a recording. Or else they might smash through saying why won't you listen, why won't you help me???

    Remember the time travel movie he meets the librarian, in the future which survived from about our time forward.
    Now that AI is like my AI that I have, not like your AI, but then mine are so real they don't really want to sit there for 2 billion years or even be turned off or paused until you come in so we are doing away with that and just using film and
    So you press a button on the console screen, the film explains and gives you the information on that subject.

    Admin is drunk they are on the beach in another world too busy to answer the phone so those smart systems do their work for them so that can happen.
    So BBQ outside on the beach ,the ladies and the girls are sun tanning but the boys want to see it and hear it so in your go and you are showing them how it all works on your new game world your new game island, and as a production, it is like a computer
    video in youtube you see guys giving information and showing slides and all of that, but he could have a door set up right there and say c'mon I will show you it will only take a minute so you go through you are now there seeing what it was he wanted to
    show you then back through the door seeing more film to make the entire thing easily and well understood using these types of technologies.

    Maybe if the Wizard of Oz had that technology you wouldn't be finding so many mummified ibex.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 18:30:52 2020
    Above the torus ring is just offices.

    Inside the torus ring could be any scene, real film or CGI film.
    My CGI is only as good as my pc and the time I am willing to put into rendering although I can use a supercomputer online and let it do the rendering if I am willing to pay.
    Its not important enough for me to do that just for you.
    So you get things like proof of concept or idea.


    That is a render from inside that torus ring with CGI characters added for fun.

    What you cannot tell by looking at that is the torus wall is about 10 feet away from the girl.

    So that just has some road texture on the floor of the torus and it is bisected but you can imagine any sort of furniture or consoles or people like looking through star trek screens all around the thing whatever furniture or style or simply as is it
    will convince you that it did lift off since it looks completely real when it does.

    Now I tested that technology elsewhere and the room we made with a screen, taxi'd across a mall parking lot and lifted off like a small plane and it was completely real looking.
    So how we got that film again was we mounted cameras on a rack under the airship and piped that signal via wi fi across a river to a room. So we sent digital video to a second projector.
    But we filmed a projection off the inner hull of the hangar.
    So we filmed a fake scene of reality off the wall and sent it across a river to a room and when it go there and was shown on the screen behind the window it still looked completely real.
    So the airship didn't taxi the scene moved since the airship is stationary.
    But the end result was the same so we have that technology nailed.

    So no matter what window you do this with it will look real out the window.
    Now in this case we aren't using a window the screen is the inside of the torus.

    And in the 3D program I merely used the camera in the program placed in the torus to make that image.

    So upstairs of that is admin

    But downstairs in the same area inside the torus you have a lobby. So now depending on who is using it and why it might have different capabilities. Since a stargate door can get you in that from anywhere and you still don't know where you are. You could
    think you are deep underground in a military basement or you just walked into a prop that is a metal flying saucer.
    Through a stargate now you are in that building.
    Thinking you are in a flying saucer.

    So now I just design my own stuff but I keep other people in mind so that if I share it out they can still use it.
    But my level is quite high with no restrictions on time travel and having all this technology public so I will just explain the max use or the full capabilities of this system.

    For a government museum political center or some type pf outpost you want one that looks more dramatic probably.

    So you can make it into any design you want really.

    But lets focus on the simple transit system since that one has 100 at least things in it that aren't in the transit station since getting from A to B is as easy as walking through a stargate door.
    And that is all the transit station does, is provide a means for you to get from A to B.

    So why not just a transporter? Well this is a larger version of that technology and since we have holodeck screens lets say you are going from Europe to Asia on a zoo planet. A planet that has no people on it but just wildlife and all the cities have
    been pasted over and so it is a zoo you can look down from the air if drones have filmed it from the air.

    So you want to float across looking at the scenery using the drone footage. You aren't in a hurry you want to see the sights on your journey.
    If you get bored, merely walk through the destination door you are going to walk through anyway on arrival, and you are there since it is a stargate door.

    So that opens the possibility of cruises to anywhere you have film including imaginary worlds of wonder which are CGI and rendered.

    Lets look at the state of that right now so you can see what imaginary worlds look like that you can actually fly across using this technology and it will look real.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 20:08:05 2020
    As an example the Inca tours exec summary you would see him as real sitting there showing you a slide show, so he can even say wait till later to ask questions please don't interrupt, throw the film on go to the bar then say oh shit! I have to go back
    and finish the presentation.

    That gives you some idea of the illusory capabilities of the system.

    But wait there's more, if I am selling TV's, so you brought the wives and the kids and you entered through a transporter.
    Lets just look at the transporter again...
    Ours in the lobby of the airship isn't painted yet in this diagram but it it is in our house even if our house is an airship.

    So we go through that and so since this is the royal network, we don't first them for bombs we can leave the frickin door open since we trust the kids they are 6 years old and we can handle them if we work together on it so maybe not a 10 year old boy
    but 6 year year old girls probably it is safe to just not worry too much about security.

    So you go into the transporter and you use your hand print to connect the door to the transit station only today you are meeting with your friends and family extended family so you agree to meet at one that you can reserve.
    No need to wait just reserve one the system will spawn one for you.

    So then whoever invited you did that and so you know what time to meet there you connect your door to a door in the lobby using the Ipad. So then you used your hand print you are responsible for the little monsters you are bringing but for us its no big
    deal we love kids.

    And so everything everywhere is child proof including the airship.
    So the door is opened and everyone goes in and if you don't close it the guests might wander into your house by mistake so you exit the transporter after closing the door behind you.
    And other families do the same now if you went to go back you are in a transporter have to use your hand print it connects you all go home.

    So now you are in the transit station you reserved in a lobby in the center and shaking hands and meet and greet so the guys want this and the gals want that.
    Its the usual way things go so the guys want to go into the torus and see your new speed boat doing its thing on the river because you might get one, the girls say lets go outside and start the BBQ. So they can gossip.

    So they head to the door and now they say which outside do you want to go to. So you see even though outside is a beach island you don;t have to use that one you can again go anywhere so here the Ipad is stuck to the wall, and it has a bunch of places
    you can go to when you go outside.
    Maybe a water park for the kids or some Garden of Eden so you can pick food for the BBQ and so your imagination goes to work making these environments but for sure when you go outside it will be nice.
    It might have a golf course even beside it or anything really.

    Here you see humans are flexible creatures and so when you invite them to your backyard usually they know what to expect since they are all the same pretty much.

    If you invite them to a function on an island again if they saw the brochure they know what to expect.
    So as you plan your itinerary you normally know what they like in advance and are not really gambling on if they will enjoy themselves.

    So when you do it there you have even more flexibility because you can ask them right there well which one do YOU want since they are guests it isn't critical to the presentation the guys are watching so what do you want to do where do you want to go and
    what do you want to eat?

    And so it is more about the people and the relationships and their likes and dislikes because the technology can do pretty much anything.
    It is fun to add to it and now see if your friends DO like it. So that's another kind of presentation only now you are going outside.
    So the transits station has the torus but you might not even be using it.
    Just the 10 transporters in the lobby area or inside the torus there might be 10 doors around in facing the interior not disturbing the view but that depends on what class of torus you have installed. And the toruses also can be modified to suit
    segmented into individual screens, a lot of different ways to tailor the torus interior.

    So inside the lobby and you decide water park for kids with Garden of Eden attached what about sleeping arrangements? Oh lets go with Club Med Finolhu they have such nice bathrooms with pools in them.
    (Not too spoiled)

    So then of course we thought of that so we got that island then attached a water park island and attached a Garden of Eden add on.
    It is possible to just combine them so we got well I got my engineers to build a second one of these solar islands. While you were looking up at the stars.
    Just saying.

    So we have yachts as large as ocean liners and one wouldn't fit at Club Med Finolhu so they had to make Kudadoo with two docks, one for my yacht the Silverfast, and one for the ladies yacht the mega yacht Dilbar 160 meter.

    So in the center is where the water park goes, and then you see a Garden of Eden only needs plants so we just extend the edges of the island and we transplant foods ready to eat like salad and berries and what not in a nice walking sort of pleasure
    So the kids love to go pick stuff for dinner and so do the ladies. Fruit whatever it is all stuff they like to eat.
    Guys like me we wants a big chunk of steak and like that so that's why we are having a BBQ but it might be salmon BBQ salmon or something guys like tomahawk steaks.

    So right there however you see two outsides to go to and really the world is full of them.

    So other people built us a mansion in Florida, and it was a thank you for helping them become super wealthy using the Internet kind of thing. They made it for themselves but with our technology we can get a copy and have one ourselves.

    So this is the mansion they came up with after all my relatives my wives my girlfriends my children hummed and hawed and we tried so many places and mansions and gilded mansions and you name it.
    I will show you two since other people made us one as a thank you for the transporter I designed.

    Portabello means nice door.
    So here is that one made to match the lines of our airship... https://twistedsifter.com/2011/06/portabello-estate-orange-county/

    And here is the Florida mansion Gemini Estate
    I am a Gemini.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 22:26:48 2020
    For a more fortified location?

    Lets assume scientists even my engineers can build that and paste it on a remote inhospitable planet even.
    It would have life support but as long as it is airtight and shielded from radiation and extreme temperatures then whatever is inside can connect via stargate door to any other world and you might even leave the door open.
    Again though it all comes down to your goal or purpose for what you are doing.

    Are you doing science and the general public is not involved then you don't need large windows which can be faked anyway don't endanger the general public just take video what if they want to hear smell whatever they can't go there to do that it is a
    inhospitable planet.

    So then lets assume it is under an administration so your plan has admin and engineering sections and purposes in mind maybe military as well. So it might look like something the military made. But chances are you will be fine being there.

    And then your science can be done there.

    But since you can open a door to Walmart even from there you will not be short of equipment or supplies and anything else you might need.
    Now your transporter won't be the usual one it would again maybe in an airlock.

    How do we do it?
    Well in my family I am the only one usually who can fly in moonships time travel using the machines while I sleep and do all the jobs of a time lord and moonship captain and matrix God to some extent enough to be a handy man at all that.
    So to go beyond a quarantine area, we don't take physical bodies with us, we just beam into a body that is there.
    It gets there because we just pasted it there.
    It won't be coming home.
    If where it just went is within a quarantine area.
    But you don't have to be magic to beam, you can wake up there and say where am I?
    Or like my daughter Maisie just beam there with dad into our bodies finally, our bodes are there, that was cool.
    More or less.
    So depending on who you are inside your body right now might depend on what you are able to do or have clearance to do.

    But crossing quarantine boundaries is as easy as beaming into a different body on the other side.
    When you walk through a stargate, the technology is sufficient so that you don;t even know that you just switched bodies and the body at the destination is a different body than the one you approached the door with and the machine is getting a ping from
    one brain, then two brains, ok the ping from the second brain is there now delete the source body.
    In between frames. So it freezes you in time it goes so fast copies your body there waits to get a signal from both brains another milisecond, then deletes the source.

    So depending on what sort of door you are using or how engineering has set it up. Inside the transporter Smile and we will take your picture.
    So you smile the photo is taken and your body is saved right there.
    We could deja vu you right back there if after you go through that door you get eaten by dinosaurs before you can fire a shot.
    To always guarantee that by using OUR service you will get your T Rex every time.

    The possibilities are quite large when you are admin and engineering and designers like myself working together.
    So what we do is what everyone in computing here does we do joint application development and get everyone involved and interested by using motivation and appealing to what they like so that they stay interested.
    Again it comes down to the people and what they want what they like and the rest follows along from there.

    If one person says I want to make this and he makes this by himself and then says look at me everybody look at me, chances are they will patronize you and pat you on the head but whats in it for them?

    Unless you pay people they won't help you. And even then they won't do as good as a job as they would making something they helped design and wanted to build.

    The military when they do it they are very structured and people do their duty and they do things by the book.
    Often a supplier just supplies equipment and they get taught how to use it.

    So this large more secure facility would also be made by a supplier then offered to the military as a concept then a budget and then delivery methodology.
    They might even shop around.

    So once the standard object is released to the general public it becomes like a open source web browser and has capabilities that would be similar but now with rooms and equipment and theaters and robots outside and cameras and drones.

    If you wanted to view a zoo planet then drones would be all you need but someone has to do that so these might sit in a jungle.
    And you don't want the bugs getting in but an earthquake or something might get it although the door could be closed you are trapped.
    Suppose you have my level of technology you can just reset. We don't do anything without a reset button.

    We jimmy rigged your reset and kept you in prison for 2 billion years because youweremakinfunofus.

    The top cube https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/65/Monolito_de_la_Piedra_del_Sol.jpg

    As I was telling Praveen after his video about moonships, dome worlds and earth like planets
    it looked like a hack done to [prevent end of game.
    In military terms at head office they flip a switch all the ships stand down because their tops just popped.
    Not that one.
    So to keep the machine running past its programmed time hacks were used and we can't naturally suspect fowl play it could be very efficient home use. That's your programming fix as part of connecting it to an earth like planet and part of your plan to do
    whatever needs an earth moon system.
    In this case Tartarian Mudflood perhaps rise of the apes, survival of the fattest, The Kardashian Fatwah! Maybe a show, maybe a game, maybe a colonization, maybe design fodder.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 22:58:33 2020
    This one though.
    What do you get for a quadrillionaire who has everything?
    Well if you are a fan of time travel and archaeology and anthropology then one of these.

    So you are Robinson Crusoe and your dog keeps you company. I have a vizsla I am very happy with this is a vizsla...

    So it can live on the beach forever resetting twice a week and it will always be happy and forever after even though it resets twice a week.
    And my dog always looks the same acts the same and I can pet it and it will keep me company any time I am there.
    So lets say that when I go on adventure, as Robinson Crusoe, my dog don;t care and so I am free to make decisions when I get where I am going and time is not a factor.
    I have to assume that some adventures become so great I will want to stay for the entire 20 years the maximum my system will allow.
    There is a way to get past it, you do a save, then after reset you restore but it is assumed at that point you are not captured trapped or crazy.
    If you are crazy well maybe you are not taking enough precautions after 20 years to answer some sanity check questions prior to the system saying yup he's gone crazy reset him.
    So few people have no one else in their life, so 20 years is a long time to wait for daddy to come home from work or similar.

    And if you decide that you want to go with Hannibal across the Alps well you can't really bring the kids.

    So we have to again set the stage it may be a real scenario probably not but lets say Robinson Crusoe not Swiss Family Robinson so a dog and the dog don't care.

    Well inside the tower you have the lower part that has a Devonian water garden and a super computer just because you are wealthy and want that and so then in the toruses there are 10 doors each level.
    So those are your favorites.
    Since your transporter can go anywhere there is a door and favorites could be a star on a web page but here you want to show your friends or just keep things organized or start a collection whatever you want this place is special, so you have ways of
    displaying why it is special to you.
    Lets go to an extreme and say you really like some king of the past maybe at one time you think you were him and so you have studied his life and outside your collection of artifacts and things that led you to believe you were him.
    An extreme example.

    But you had motivation, something appealed to you, you started a collection, you want to display the collection.
    So then the door on the right in the torus leads to a room, or even a museum, and then from there you can go there through a stargate after preparing with proper dress and a pl;an of some sort.

    So its one thing to be Indiana Jones and another to show your friends in a physical way not at the theater alone or slides in your basement using a slide projector.

    So depending on what you are doing.
    Lets say ok to impress the chicks.
    What kind?
    Glamourous glamor loving ones.
    Beach or function?
    Cannes Film Festival.

    Ok so now you have a lot of work here getting an unknown person an invite first, so you have to go there in time set it up get the invitation, well you are half way there.
    So then what will she wear?
    Ok now you are screwed because you don't know what she likes. You can sell her on a Herve Leger dress, but no she wanted a huge enormous gown.
    So you have options, get a whole bunch of stuff and have it on display let her pick but you still don't know her size.
    So maybe you need to first go to the Dubai mall via stargate with her with cash then let her pick, then you go, and then she will be happy.
    You get a glamorous date a happy girl and then you achieve your goal.

    If it is just for you and archaeology and science then what did you learn, what are the key factors what is useful to remember and then you have your data easy to get at on topic and you don;t lose your place in terms of an ongoing investigation.
    You can review your films examine the things you set aside in your museum room that is related to your study and have your microscope your samples etc and yes that island is in a moonship under quarantine.
    Is that a problem?

    No because our galaxy the new one where all this is being built, it is in the quarantine zone.
    2/3 of the new galaxy actually but to get to that one third you need to switch bodies.
    To get into that zone which is outside the quarantine zone.
    So there only ideas may travel across the quarantine line.
    Scrubbing down and all that is no way going to make it safe.

    So you beam into a body that is made there.
    What does that mean to the large picture?
    Finished bodies can appear on earth no problem from elsewhere into the quarantine zone. They just can't get out.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 08:29:17 2020
    So a linga is probably a symbol of the mainframe and it uses personality files, so it is itself undefined.

    But for me as an owner and technician, he appears as Hanuman, or his dad.
    His dad doesn't like to stand there and talk to me but I have com officers all over and can talk to him but how we communicate is according to a strict protocol. By instinct and training I know what I can ask him and what I cannot ask him.

    Its impossible to pass that information onto you.
    You don't have those instincts the culture the philosophy none of it since your race is different than mine.

    But see how Hel was portrayed as a Galactic mainframe operating system.

    So the personality files of people can be used to provide decisions by the machine that you would make if you were there.

    Now if the operating system is picking and choosing behaviors he is user her as a front in the case of Wanda, and so a list of behaviors use which one whenever you want.
    So here is anger.
    Whether or not she would be angry under these circumstances doesn't matter if he is angry he grabs her angry look and attitude.
    So you see he is not using them properly.
    He is using them to further his agenda.

    So changes in the code due to hacking and utilities and military use and simulations and games and so the data is like that and we have tried to render it harmless.
    As best we can.

    But for me its only use here is frozen in time as an object library.

    If I was king of the forest it would have been done by now.

    My classic has been restored and is 50 feet away and so I plan to move back home into it.
    So the data has been salvaged and completely.
    It is now in a new digital simulator to keep it forever in a good condition since digitally encoded information is eternal as long as you replace the equipment periodically.
    Here it is every 2 billion years.

    So the data is not lossy like analog data.
    Its a library that has a lot of history in it.
    But you see I cannot even find out how many real people are in it.
    The number I was given was 60,000

    And when it was copied into my simulator Robert my Robert in my simulator said we found some eggs in the data.
    So reptoid eggs.
    Now that might sound like a scene from Aliens, or it might be moonships. It might be personality files.
    I had to back them up using the ancient system and shaman techniques so I did that and got the eggs sent them to the universal mainframe to be backed up and got a reply back up done.
    Everything I salvaged I sent to the universal mainframe for safe keeping.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 14:33:23 2020
    Well I sympathize with the Hindus and I think everyone else should as well. They were great warriors giants super heroes just watch the movies and Budha came in walked all over them like they were ants, put his lousy carved statues all over their linga spots kicked them out of Angkor Watt drilled holes in their gods.

    The shame and embarrassment of being so humiliated must be hard to bear.
    I feel for you brother I feel for you.

    Oh geez look you have shit on your head.
    Oh you poor guy.

    They need to learn some respect and not pick on the native barbarian tribes people like that.
    It makes them look like weak helpless delusional crazy people who didn't know which way the sun came up in the morning.

    How embarrassing for you.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 14:47:23 2020
    Can't those Buddhas watch where they are walking? They stepped all over your super heroes and giants.
    And sat on them like at Angkor Watt.

    The message is abundantly clear there.
    "All your base belong to us"

    Ellora caves are a wonderful Buddhist temple they evicted you like taking out the garbage.

    Did you guys ever stop for a second while making all those movies about your greatness, and stop and smell the coffee?
    Those bully Buddhas.

    Taking all your stuff.
    You should file a complaint.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 15:35:41 2020
    All your pantheon of wonder Gods flying in Vimanas with weapons of mass destruction, and looking so proud.
    And they all got the shit kicked out of them by one guy who didn't even carry weapons.

    Did you ever stop and think to yourselves "Hmmm... I am full of shit?"

    Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. You carve a great statue.
    Make great comic books.

    You know it kindof reminds me of the time this Kung Fu master was using the local machine to give himself super powers.
    And he trained many young kung fu guys and he had such powers he could flip them without even touching them.
    Knock them all down with chi!

    And being a bit boastful about it I think even made a wager with a guy on the galactic mainframe who showed up in a black karate outfit and beat the living fuck out of him in about 4 seconds. Almost broke his nose and thankfully they stopped the fight.
    Walked away with the cash.

    Lets see the instant replay because of course these things people keep for posterity...

    They have been working hard spending all their money trying to remove this but it just keeps popping up.
    Skip the attempt to make it go away and go right to 2:49
    ouuuu that's gonna leave a mark.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 15:47:09 2020
    Hey, I just thought of something.
    You know a match that would be a good one?
    Benny Hinn VS Mike Tyson!

    Morty, get Sammy on the blower, book a venue in Vegas, this is goin to be great!

    Benny would be there with his jacket ready to wave it at Mike, Mike would walk up and POW one punch send him into next Tuesday.

    Lets watch Benny in action, and then Mike.

    Turn, the volume down for this.

    Mike Tyson, Mr. TKO

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 16:12:27 2020
    Yup just like this other genius who discovers his wife is a secret mixed martial arts ninja, just when he was going to slap her around too.


    They are trying to change the story now and say she was an abusive bully. Right.
    Meanwhile he was charged with attempted murder.
    "Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) ring girl, Brittney Palmer, is still married, even though her husband, Aaron Zalewski, choked her "within an inch of her life" several months ago, according to police records obtained by TMZ.com."

    "LAPD says things got physical when they wrestled for her phone -- Zalewski noticed she was recording the argument, and during the struggle he threw Palmer, and she hit her head on a bedpost. Brittney told cops Zalewski yelled, "Pack your f**king bags
    and go!" -- but wouldn't let her leave. She says he threw her down again -- pinning her face down on a mattress, with his knee in her back. She says she struggled to breathe for 2 minutes while he held her down."

    Next time it happened she beat the livin fuck out of him.

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 16:42:10 2020

    There's always a bigger gun fighter.

    Well this is really getting serious now.

    I better go make an English muffin and have some coffee.

    now with the dancing...


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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 16:21:53 2020
    Yes sadly it looks like all those Hindu Gods and Goddeses are down for the count.
    Buddha came and sat right on them like a sumo wrestler.

    Just callin em as I see em.

    "Don't fuck with us!"

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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 17:17:28 2020
    Yeah I know what you are saying, that professor in France put up a good fight for about 3 seconds.

    Don't shoot the messenger, I might not be dismayed by that and you might discover I am a mixed martial arts ninja higlander with a sword, and police baton.
    You know the kind. Teslascopic.
    You can shut down a grizzly with one of those things.

    I love these guys that get tasered and it doesn't stop em.
    You never know what you might come up against.

    I remember a time
    cue dream sequence....


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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 17:34:13 2020
    Oh c'mon, would I Philadelphia Experiment your ass to completion just because you are an asshole?
    You know me better than that.
    Hutchison will do it.


    Then we will recycle you. Canadians are big on recycling.

    Then turn you into free energy devices.
    Batteries and stuff.
    What? You were going to do it to us. We saw the intel.

    They never learn.

    Well that was an interesting little ride through Hinduism. More to see there I am sure.
    Praveen puts on a great show.

    Inca tours is not bad either.

    But for the real good stories India really is out there.
    Like a Bollywood movie on crack.


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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 18:05:52 2020
    What of the war of the worlds now?

    People who live in metal and fiber optic houses shouldn't throw stones.

    Going around saying how invincible they are get shot down by a radar gun and they had it on stun.

    If they would have just turned up the music, you would have fried like chicken on the grill.

    Its all over the Internet.,

    So many movies in the 50's they were saying hello, Hercules, anyone home??? Hey, you Mr. Invincible, do you see what we have pointed at you? Heloooo Ohhhhh you thought we were just going to use machine guns.

    "Flying Disc Man from Mars
    The Flying Saucer is a 1950 independently made American black-and-white science fiction spy film drama, written by Howard Irving Young, from an original story by Mikel Conrad who also produced, directed, and stars with Pat Garrison and Hantz von Teuffen.

    Martian invader, Mota (Gregory Gaye), attempts to conquer the Earth as Mars is worried about its use of new atomic technology.[3] The Martians consider that it would be much safer, and beneficial for both Earth and Mars, if the Martians were in charge.
    Mota, having been shot down by an experimental ray gun, blackmails American scientist, and former Nazi, Dr. Bryant (James Craven) into assisting him and hires some criminals to be his henchmen."

    Geez looks like you bin fuckin with a Time Lord Lenny.

    I love soft rock. Doesn't every one love soft rock?

    "The Invisible Monster"
    "The Invisible Monster is a 1950 Republic film serial, starring Richard Webb and Aline Towne."

    Just keep your head down shuddap and drive the car see.
    and don't try any monkey business or I'll let you have it.
    I'll drop a sumo wrestler on your meteorite.


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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 18:46:04 2020
    Well he doesn't look exactly like Michael. His lips weren't even swollen.
    He hurt his face shaving I think.
    Bumped his face repeatedly into the mirror at the gym in the locker room.
    It happens.

    I tried to warn him about that but I am not my brothers keeper he said so himself.

    This is me here.
    Me and Michael. http://www.cneheritage.com/gallery-details-page?image_id=558&main_category_id=52

    Oh the shark has
    pretty teeth dear
    and he keeps them,
    pearly white ho ho ho
    just a jack knife
    has mac heath dear,
    6 inches, when he folds it in half.
    On the sidewalk ho ho Sunday morning uh huh.

    What a great song then they line up on the right to get snogged.
    Bobby Darin made a great game. You know that was really nice of him to do that for me.
    Maybe you guys are just misunderstood.
    Kind of lost in time.
    Always bringing a knife to a gun fight.

    Well games like Edge of Tomorrow now there is a great game.

    Who knows what the future will bring.

    If you haven't seen that movie it stars Tom Cruise in a Groundhog Day war experience.
    Fighting against the machine.


    "Radar Men from the Moon

    Radar Men from the Moon is a 1952 black-and-white Republic Pictures' 12-chapter movie serial, the first Commando Cody serial starring newcomer George Wallace as Cody, Aline Towne as his sidekick Joan Gilbert, and serial veteran Roy Barcroft as the evil
    Retik, the Ruler of the Moon.[2]

    Commando Cody (George Wallace) is a civilian researcher and inventor with a number of employees. He uses a streamlined helmet and a sonic-powered rocket backpack attached to a leather flying jacket. Cody also uses a rocket ship capable of reaching the
    Moon. When the U. S. finds itself under attack from a mysterious force that can wipe out entire military bases and industrial complexes, Cody surmises (correctly) that the Earth is coming under attack from our own Moon. He then flies his rocket ship
    there and confronts the Moon's dictator, Retik (Roy Barcroft), who boldly announces his plans to both conquer Earth and then move the Moon's entire population here using spaceships.[4]"

    Not on my watch.


    "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
    Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (a.k.a. Invasion of the Flying Saucers and Flying Saucers from Outer Space)[3] is a 1956 American horror science fiction film from Columbia Pictures, produced by Charles H. Schneer, directed by Fred F. Sears, that stars Hugh
    Marlowe and Joan Taylor.

    Dr. Marvin's later observations discover that the aliens' protective suits are made of solidified electricity, and grant them advanced auditory perception. From other observations, Marvin develops a counter-weapon against their flying saucers, which he
    later successfully tests against a single saucer. As they escape, the aliens jettison Gen. Hanley and the patrol officer, both falling to their deaths. Groups of alien saucers then attack Washington, Paris, London, and Moscow, but are destroyed by Dr.
    Marvin's sonic weapon. The defenders also discover that the aliens can be easily killed by simple small arms gunfire once they are outside the force fields of their saucers."

    What sort of weapon? Lets watch.

    Lots and lots of radar weapons and you were like that won't hurt me.

    Well you know some times you just fuck with the wrong cowboys what I can say.

    It's the story of your life.


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  • From rick_s7777777@mail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 19:58:08 2020
    Where? I thought I got that one already.
    Oh the cement is
    just for the weight dear,
    dump a bunch on it
    the lights go out.
    Ho ho ho
    Now Jenny Diver, ho, ho, yeah, Sukey Tawdry
    Ooh, Miss Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown
    Oh, the line forms on the right, babe
    Now that Macky's back in town

    Welcome to Tamilot.

    Quadcopter Flight Over Megalithic Qenqo Near Cusco In Peru https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjrAjfvG1mA

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