• Poultry Cage Manufacturers In India

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    Poultry cages are specially designed for keeping egg-laying hens. These cages are used all over the world. However, it remains one of the most important equipment in the poultry industry. The hens are packed in these cages generally divided into
    compartments where they lay eggs. Vijay Raj India Chick Cage boxes are made using high-quality G.I Wire and are suitable for the day-old chick to 8 weeks and are suitable for the open house system and up to 18 weeks in close house system. We are also
    manufacturing all types of cages like Indian Type Cages, A Type Cage, Comfort Cages, Battery Cages, Etc. If you want to buy our products, contact +91 8125169690.
    For more details visit our website: https://vijayrajindia.com/products/poultry-cages

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