• Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions into Stone

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    Where do you think it ended up,

    Most of the approximately 2000 or so Gigatons of
    soil carbon that have been destroyed by centuries
    of flawed agricultural practices has been released to
    the atmosphere as volatile gasses.

    Only if the material containing the carbon gets burned and turned into
    CO or CO2

    No that's wrong. Normal biological activity converts
    organic material into CO2. Tillage greatly accelerates
    the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Most of the carbon in soil is in the form of cellulose from dead decaying plants. It does not break down into CO or CO2 due to tilling

    Tilling does in fact release CO2, CO and CH4.
    But you know that, which is why you snipped
    the scientific study that quantifies how much
    is released. Tilling under crop residue with a
    conventional moldboard plow releases more carbon
    into the air than is contained in the crop

    The USDA reports that more than 1/3 of
    US crop land is now planted with no tillage.

    "A reduction in how often or how intensively the soil is
    tilled allows the soil to retain more organic matter,
    which stores or “sequesters” carbon, which then is not
    available to contribute to global warming as carbon
    dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas. The adoption of less
    intensive tillage practices on a large number of farms
    could sequester substantial amounts of carbon" www.ers.usda.gov/media/135329/eib70.pdf

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