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    The United States has been pumping so much groundwater that the ground is beginning to split open across southwestern parts of the country for miles
    on end.

    These giant cracks, aka fissures, have been spotted in states including Arizona, Utah, and California.

    Also, it's rare to find studies of groundwater on a national scale. Most
    of the time research focuses on a single source or region.

    As a result, the severity of excessive groundwater pumping nationwide is
    not as easy to recognize and may help explain why regulation on pumping is
    so limited.

    Meanwhile, damaging practices, like farming crops in dry areas, are
    allowed to continue.

    If we don't change our habits and allow underground aquifers to naturally replenish themselves, these fissures will keep growing, Cook said.

    "As long as we keep using more than what naturally recharges we're going
    to have this problem," he added.

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    And we are all going to die, horrible, at the latest, tomorrow.

    Reporting what the New York Times reports is pure time wasted

    Likewise, your other sources.

    Death to the influencers, hung, drawn and cut up is more than they deserve. Meantime, back at the Estancia, etc.

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