• I know why the European Union is turning into a desert

    From Mihai Moise@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 14 11:06:30 2022
    The European Union pays subsidies to landowners who till their land. This causes landowners to till their land and not plant anything.

    Sand is 30C hotter than ground with plants. The reason cigarette smoke doesn't disperse quicker is that air particles travel only a short distance before bumping into each other. The sand heats the air which rises and chases away the clouds.

    Earthworms secrete a sticky substance which makes earth clump, not erode, and retain water. Tilling the earth provides air to aerobic bacteriae which decompose the sticky substance and the earth erodes in water.

    The Sun bakes the earth like pottery. The next time it is tilled, it crumbles into a powder which does not clump like good earth, and it is blown by the wind.

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