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    From xXmikeSXx@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 23 11:45:03 2021
    o.m.g. right! i came across a few of these at my grandfather's house. a globe-like light fixture was hung from it. nothing fancy; literally just something to hang a light. some of them had chains between the mount and the actual fixture. they may have
    just had the wiring running along the corner of the closet where the ceiling met the wall; might not be as old as the house..just an addition by a savvy/not-so-savvy homeowner

    For full context, visit https://www.homeownershub.com/woodworking/what-is-it-non-tool-version-3150735-.htm

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    On Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 7:45:07 AM UTC-4, xXmikeSXx wrote:
    fishtape is definitely a beautiful thing... lol.. coathangers work too. my grandfather's house was built in 1929 and before we sold it, we managed to rewire the whole thing and install a VRV A/C system; it wasn't easy to get through a lot of the metal
    and wood lath and 1 foot thick walls everywhere.. but those giant-ass longass drill bits that are available also saved our butt

    Coat hangers work as long drill bits too.

    It's quite a coincidence that you revived this thread today. Although I started this
    thread over 2 months ago, I just started working on getting a light fixture in this
    dark closet yesterday.

    I decided to go with Wiremold, painted brown to "match" the paneled walls and ceiling as much as possible. All of the wiring will be in in the back of the closet
    (except for the ceiling) so it'll be hidden behind closet stuff anyway.

    I decided to tap into the power in the attached "shed" that shares an exterior wall
    with the closet. A trick I learned a long time ago is to use a coat hanger as a
    locator bit when trying to match a spot on each side of a thick wall when there is
    no easy place to measure from.

    I determined as best I could where I thought I had clearance from inside the closet
    as well as where I could put a junction box in the shed. Using a 12" cut-off from a
    coat hanger, I drilled through the closet wall and into the shed. If the location in the
    shed didn't work out as I liked, all I would have would be 2 tiny holes. I'd also have
    a better idea of where to try next. As it turned out that I hit it perfectly, so all I had
    to do was enlarge the hall to bring the wire through.

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