• Router Speed Control, Coping Sled and Bit Bearing Size

    From DerbyDad03@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 13 20:39:54 2023
    A couple of weeks ago I asked about a speed control for my PC-690
    router. I ended up trying a cheap unit from Harbor Freight and it seems
    to do the job. The goal was to lower the speed of a Freud T & G bit, specifically the bulky tongue cutting bit.

    With the device set right on the line between M and H, it seems to
    be a decent balance of not-so-scary speed and still being able to
    handle the load during a cut, provided I cut the tongue in 2 passes.
    I'm OK with that.


    I also purchased a Rockler coping sled which works really well. I tried
    to purchase it on-line but the Rockler site was acting weird, so I called.
    The nice lady apologized for the website problems and offered to place
    the order for me. She asked me if I had any promo codes and I said "No.
    You don't happen to have one lying around do you?" Turns out she did!
    She took another $10 off the already $20 off sale price and also threw
    in free shipping. Even after tax I paid less than the website price of


    I making ~25 door/drawer fronts for my kitchen. A while back I cut all
    the 1/4" grooves in the rails and stiles with a dado set, thinking that I'd
    cut the tongues on the table saw also. For various reasons, this project
    got put on the shelf (literally) for a couple of years and now it's time to
    get back to it. In the meantime, I added a router table to the extension
    of my table saw, so I bought a T&G bit to make it easier to cut the
    tongues. Where I kind of screwed up is that I wasn't overly concerned
    with the depth of the grooves because I was going to be cutting the
    tongues "manually". As it turns out, the grooves are just slightly too
    deep for the T&G bit and the tongue doesn't quite bottom out in the
    groove. It leaves an unsightly gap.

    I solved the problem by replacing the 22mm diameter bearing with
    a 19mm bearing to get a little more depth of cut. That extra 3mm is
    just enough to create a good looking joint and still leave room for glue.

    As far as the kitchen re-do goes, the vinyl plank floor is done, the
    stippled ceiling has been covered with nice flat drywall and the
    countertop is in. I've eliminated most of the 1950's era wiring and
    brought it all up to current code. The appliances are coming Saturday
    and once they are in, I'm going to build 2 base cabinets to flank the
    range and then it'll be tongue cutting time. I actually sense an end to
    this project in the somewhat near future.

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