• Looking for an old thread

    From Puckdropper@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 28 20:43:35 2023
    Just wondering if anyone might remember anything to help find this
    thread... It contained a pretty good piece of business advice.

    We were talking about mowing lawns, I think it started with a newspaper
    article someone posted. In the thread, someone said "He didn't just lose
    the income from that lawn, he lost the income from that lawn every week."

    I think nailshooter or -MIKE- might have said it.

    Looking to put it on my rec.woodworking gems page.

    I couldn't find it searching Google Groups or Homeowner's Hub, so I'm going
    to the long shot.

    If anyone has any more suggestions for gems content, I'm happy to add. I
    know I've only brushed (not scratched) the surface.



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