• The media operation that the French no longer expected

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    The Duclert report is a disinformation operation: shameful, cowardly, repugnant, unworthy of a country like France.

    Duclert deliberately neglects the presence of serious arguments, that is, testimonies and military support before, during and after the genocide, etc. Too many abstractions whose sole purpose is to present the public with a misleading conclusion.

    The French people therefore have a censored version of France's regrettable involvement in the genocide, which makes it possible to avoid the words that define the unacceptable and unavowable role of "accomplice in genocide", while the rest of the planet
    has a completely different version, the one that proves France's complicity in the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

    Mr. Macron is expected to lead North Korea.

    In french

    (1) https://survie.org/billets-d-afrique/2021/305-mars-2021/article/des-archives-entrouvertes-sur-le-rwanda

    In english

    (2) https://www.aa.com.tr/en/africa/-archives-show-french-complicity-in-rwandan-genocide-/2116673#


    Testimony unrelated to the blog above.

    Genocide in the skin

    This paragraph was translated by translation software

    "The senses alert, he scoots towards the family home. He hears the mayor of the village shouting in a megaphone that the Tutsis must be chased like "snakes". All. Even babies. Pregnant women must be disemboweled to extract future "cockroaches". Already,
    corpses litter the streets. People seem to have gone mad. Albert sees two neighbors capture a man, cut his legs with a machete and spray his sores with salt to torture him ”

    The rest of the story is in French. The page will need to be translated.

    Here is the link :


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