• Re: Woodworkers; Sewing Wood?

    From John Grossbohlin@21:1/5 to Michael Trew on Tue Feb 7 12:44:18 2023
    On Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 2:20:42 PM UTC-5, Michael Trew wrote:
    On 2/7/2023 2:10, Sqwertz wrote:
    I needed some baseboards for the bathroom vanity, so I gently
    bounced this 40" x 62" picture frame on opposite corners until it
    broke gradually and gently. I was hearing this weird ripping sound
    just figuring it was some old wood.

    Nope! Somebody sewed the picture frame together on all 4 corners
    with brass wire, I thought somebody put a couple modern finishing
    nails in it to make it true/sturdy again, but on closer
    inspection, the nails look handmade as well. And on even closer
    closer inspection, whatever pictures was in here was sewn in with
    a wire thread at least 1/10th the gauge of the sewn frame itself.
    And at an average of about 13 TPI over almost 200 linear inches
    (inside diameter). Frame is 1.5" x 3/4" thick solid wood.


    I cannot find any real references to sewing wood, so I'm really
    curious as to what, who, where, when, why?

    Sewing wood isn't unusual... Look into stitch and glue frames for skin on frame kayaks and other boats. Copper wire for same is available at https://www.clcboats.com/shop/products/boat-building-supplies-epoxy-fiberglass-plywood/boat-fasteners-hardware/

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