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    I was using my Rockwell 34-010 miter saw when the blade hit a nail or something. Now the blade is frozen. Is that due to a safety device (e.g. shear pin)? If not, anyone know how I can unfreeze the blade? Thanks.

    Some miter saws have a push pin that locks the shaft for changing
    blades. Could that be engaged on yours?

    Slightly funny story...

    Soon after I bought my Bosch Glider miter saw, I stumbled across a video of a guy that doing a review of the saw.

    He said something (I forget the exact complaint) about how it was kind of cumbersome to move the guard out of the way to change the blade or that you had to be careful not to loose the screw for the guard or something like that. He did in fact remove a screw while showing the blade change procedure.

    After watching the video, I submitted a comment that if he had read the instructions he would have found that Bosch actually made it really *easy* to deal with the guard and that you didn't need to remove any screws. All you have to do is *loosen* 2 screws and hook the pivot bar for the guard over the upper (loose) screw using the hole in the bar. The hole that was put there specifically for that purpose. That forces the guard to swing up and out of the way so you can change the blade.

    Seems to me that if you are going to review a tool, you should understand how to use it first.

    *-+1 LOL

    Remember what I mentioned about instructions.

    Just kidding, you are spot on.

    When you hit the nail it caused the teeth on the drive belt to strip off...change the drive belt that allows the motor shaft to turn the blade shaft.

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