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    And it's something we do to entertain ourselves.

    Yes, I would really like to just go buy the computer / study desk
    I want and be done with it. But I do not see what I want for sale.
    "Add it to the list".

    And what I do see looks like it came from Ikea.

    Yep. Or Walmart (side note: it is funny to see the same people >>whining about a new Walmart is a big box store which will bring lots
    of traffic, and sells stuff made overseas just swoon when told of a
    new Ikea, which is another big box store which will bring lots of
    traffic, and sells stuff made overseas.)

    I've seen that too. I don't know what anyone sees in IKEA. People
    talk about how cheap it is to completely transform their kitchen, very >cheaply with IKEA cabinets. Wha?? The first sink overflow and the
    stuff is gone. With all of the plastic in it, it'll dry out in a
    decade and they get to do it all over again.

    When I was looking for shelving & bookcases, and Ikea was a
    couple miles away - I stocked up. First time in my life I had
    "Decor". Matching furniture.

    The one thing I did find there was butcher block countertops. They're
    great for bench tops. I see them now at Home Depot now, too, so
    there's no need to trek into the big city and deal with the IKEA
    checkout mess.


    I'm waiting for some Ikea Ivar shelves to return to stock, but
    it's been months. Not feeling too positive about this ...
    pyotr filipivich
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