• Finishing a Shed

    From Puckdropper@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 10 06:02:15 2022
    I've got a wooden shed with metal roof that I'd like to insulate and
    heat/cool to use for workshop space. There's no soffit installed so the
    shed is open to the outside. For a shed, that's nice. For a workshop,
    it's a great way to get uninvited guests.

    I think I know what I'm doing, but that's sometimes a very dangerous thing!

    The plan right now is to install foam board insulation between the roof
    rafters (there's a 1" or so furring strip that will keep the insulation
    from contacting the metal) and R13 Fiberglass in the walls. I'll also need
    to either hang drywall or plyboard on the walls and probably also on the

    I'd love to hear any advice from someone who's been there before.



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