• Anyone know if Tashiros Hardware (of Seattle) is still open?

    From pyotr filipivich@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 17 16:24:53 2022
    Went looking for replacement Japanese saw blades. My usual "go to"
    place was Hardwick's in the U-District, but they've moved to Idaho.

    Fall back option was Tashiros in SoDo (South Of the DOme) but,
    unfortunately, Mr Tashiro has passed on. But the web site is still
    up, with a caveat that Saw Sales are on hold for the duration.

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows any thing specific. and more recent
    than oh, 2014. (Arrgle barggle "the internet is forever" - yeah,
    business listings linger on long after the business moved, closed,
    changed names, yada yada yada.)
    pyotr filipivich
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