• Update On Hatch Cover Coffee Table

    From DerbyDad03@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 29 19:39:37 2022
    A few months ago I posted a question about a coffee table that I am re-finishing. This thing:


    We went back and forth as to whether it was hatch cover or a spool. Hatch covers seem to be square, the handle shouldn't be in the middle, etc.

    Well, I finally got back to the project and decided to contact a guy who sells them and get his opinion. The guy owns Annapolis Maritime Antiques.


    His response to my email, which had included pictures of my table:

    "All hatch covers are rectangular in their original form. We disassemble
    and reassemble our covers to give us the diameter needed then cut them
    to the round shape. We install a faux hand hold cutout in the center but
    then use an original steel hand hold to finish the look."

    That explains the center location of the handle recess and the reason I couldn't find any pictures of round hatches. I guess the design/building
    of my table from old hatch wood is common.

    I started testing some finishes today. Trying to match our TV console
    which is labeled as "Honey Maple".

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