• Re: Refinishing the EDGE of a Dining Room Table

    From John McGaw@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 25 16:14:38 2022
    On 3/24/2022 2:45 PM, BDP1037 wrote:
    I have round table with two leaves that has a lip around the edge - about 1/8" vertical from the table top, then rounded to the edge.  The table top is formica or laminate.  The top is okay, but the edge is dirty and sticky.  I want to remove the dirt and years of goop and refinish it to match the top.  The chairs I have purchased are very light upholstery.  I do not want the finish to rub off on the chairs.  What are the best
    products to use?

    Given a laminate top this is undoubtedly mass-produced furniture and will
    not have any exotic materials or finishes so simple mineral spirits and
    some energetic rubbing with an old rag are usually a good starting point. Several applications are sometimes needed to get the gunky old finish off. Often, no refinishing is needed.

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