• Germany wakes up.

    From Jerry@21:1/5 to All on Sun Feb 27 12:48:29 2022
    BRUSSELS — In one of the most significant shifts in European security
    policy in decades, Germany announced Sunday it was committing $113
    billion to a special armed forces fund and would keep its defense
    spending above 2 percent of GDP from now on, a move brought on by
    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    That - and the fact that Biden (we knew sanctions would not work) is
    worthless. He is at his home in Delaware mumbling and dribbling oatmeal
    on his bib.

    President Trump bitched about their lack of holding up their end of the
    bargain and threatened to pull out of NATO. And, now, Brandon has
    effectively done just that.

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s announcement of new defense funding is significant for Germany, which has come under criticism from the United
    States and other NATO allies for not investing adequately in its defense budget. NATO member states committed to spending 2 percent of their GDP
    on defense, but Germany has consistently spent much less.

    “It’s clear we need to invest significantly more in the security of our country, in order to protect our freedom and our democracy,” Scholz told
    a special session of the Bundestag in Berlin.

    They are acting is if Bumbling Brandon is not on top of the situation
    and will not have their back. I think they have lost faith and no longer believe Biden when he said,

    "Putin knows that when I am president of the United States his days of
    tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern
    Europe are over,"

    Putin knew better and now so does NATO. Germany has just had an
    "Oh - Shit" moment as Russia goes on nuclear alert while Brandon is at
    home in Delaware blissfully ignorant and enjoying his weekend.

    But, hey, on the bright side - Brandon isn't Trump.

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