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    From alfrednewman420@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Fred Clark on Tue Nov 19 15:07:38 2019
    On Tuesday, July 31, 2001 at 8:02:02 PM UTC-7, Fred Clark wrote:
    I have recently seen many messages requesting support/replacement
    disks for Shereff Systems software (Deputy, ProVideo, etc.)

    My wife Sheryl Jarvis passed away in May of this year. Her former
    husband (Jeff Karline) passed on in December of '95. Jeff was the
    creator of these programs and after his death Sheryl decided to "shut
    it down". I will try to help with requests for replacement materials.

    The entire production facility remains untouched. Sheryl simply turned
    of the lights and walked out the door. Now that Sheryl is gone I find
    myself wondering what to do with all of this software. All of the
    masters remain; you would not believe the cases of manuals, that are
    stored here.

    I find that I now own all intellectual property...

    I am an Illustrator,GUI designer,animator; thus CG is not my thing...

    In the short term I will try to meet your needs for replacement
    materials. In the near future all properties of Shereff Systems are on
    the market. We are talking about 5000 plus disks of new project
    material, rights to all existing programs (might make good shareware)
    and all of the Pro video equipment.



    I'm sorry to hear of Sheryl's passing. I worked for Shereff Systems in the later 1980's, when they first moved to their Beaverton location. Nice people. My condolences.

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  • From nkarline@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 4 15:06:38 2019
    Wish I found this post......18 years ago?

    So, just so happens I'm Jeff's nephew. I've been searching off and on for any of Shereff's software. Recently was given ye ole family Amiga 500 from home, buuuut, none of the software. While I know there was once a copy of Pro Video Gold at the house,
    that was back in the 90's and I can't find any of those old diskettes now. You wouldn't have anything from back then, would you? Among others, would like to find a copy of the midi software they were working on (at least I think it was from Shereff
    Systems) for Windows 3.0/3.1.

    So what did you do at Shereff Systems?... I've only been to Oregon maybe twice when I was reeeeeealy young. Have I ever possibly met you? :P And what are you doing now?

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