• Domestic Violence PROTEST Las Vegas - Sept. 5 2015 at UFC 191, MGM Gran

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    There will be an organized protest outside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in
    Las Vegas on Sept. 5 for UFC 191. UFC claims to have a zero tolerance
    policy against domestic abuse, but that policy is selectively applied.
    Certain fighters are protected if they are popular.

    Anthony "Rumble" Johnson should not be fighting at this event. His most
    recent outburst against a helpless woman practicing Yoga was uncalled
    for. A man of his size and skill should not be intimidating/menacing
    women and invading their personal space. After the confrontation, he
    went online bragging about these cowardly actions for days - threatening
    to do it again to the women & suggesting that she better not come back
    to the gym. Johnson has numerous accusations of alleged domestic
    violence against him. He was even convicted & sentenced for it on at
    least one known occasion (pled no contest).

    Travis Browne, a UFC Heavyweight, was recently 'cleared' by the UFC
    without any official criminal investigation.

    Come to our rally on the night of UFC 191 and take a stand with us.

    FREE TICKETS & FULL DETAILS: anti-ufc-domesticviolence-rally.eventbrite.com

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MMAWatchdog

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WatchdogOfMMA

    use hash tag #‎UFC191rally‬

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    Do not know on which newsgroups you guys found this but
    I see 3 groups pretty much unrelated and I have to think this
    is a Spam or Troll message so I am going to drop it now.

    Sorry to have Fed the Troll!


    Did it really take you that long to work out that you were replying to
    spam? You have much to learn, grasshopper.

    Oh well. At least you've had the opportunity to meet Hawk, not long
    after his much-welcomed return to alt.config. He's a nice guy, isn't
    he? The cloven hooves and fiery breath put some people off, but they
    conceal the soul of an adorable little fluffy kitten.

    PJR :-)

    τὸν οἰόμενον νόον ἔχειν ὁ νουθετέων ματαιοπονεῖ.
    - Democritus

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