• I FOUND a Jerrold 450...now what?

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    I was dumping trash at my local recycler. They only accept paper, cardboard, and glass...and people leave things there that they cant recycle legally.
    The other day I found a General Instrument Jerrold 450 model DRZ-3DIC.

    What can I do with this box? Can it be hacked? I am assuming it is an addressible converter. It initially would not turn on, the power switch and channel up/down switches were broken from hard use...they are the small
    metal disk that "clicks" much like an old atari joystick used to use.
    I figured out the matrix (not hard) and replaced the power and +/- switches. There were only five switches used (cable a, b, channel +, -, on/off)
    out of a 20 switch matrix. Anyone KNOW what these other switches do?
    Any info you can give would be appreciated.

    Dont bother flames. Even if I find out how to hack this box (like get a
    test chip to replace the GI PIC 1655XT-290) I dont think Ill bother. I already have one for a Tocom, and I dont use it. Its the KNOWLEDGE thing... where all TRUE hardware and software hacking is based!

    I us to work for American cable company in Massachusetts back in the Mid 80's. That was the cable box we use to install in homes and business's. I was an installer but I never did learn to program those box's or work with the electronics inside the box.
    That was the technicians job back at the office. I think Mr. Howell is carrying it a little bit to far, Those box's are pretty much useless in today's electronic world. What more than likely happened was a customer had it and over the years it failed to
    operate properly and tossed it aside, then one day ran across it in his junk pile and decided to finally get rid of it and threw it in the trash.

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    I us to work for American cable company in Massachusetts back in the Mid 80's.

    Worchester, MA. ??

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